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Pre-Season Wk 3 - Bear Hunting

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Here we go again ... and ... SHOOT!


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This looks like an ugly game - Chicago's #2s ripping apart the Chiefs' secondary. Both Amerson and Scandrick with BAAAD plays, Fuller usually there to clean up.

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disappointing  ... the Chiefs' #1s lose to the Bears' #2s ...


Offense looked decent ... at times, but I understand this is all vanilla.
Defense looked crappy against the pass, with improvements against the run.

I think Litton may have won the #3 QB job, Kemp make a strong point to be on the roster.

I don't think there is a question about the #1 - #3 WR, but after this: Chesson (haven't seen him at all today, did he play?), DAT, Kemp, Robinson, Dieter ...
If you ask me now it's the guys in bold, with DAT solely on his return capability.

TE: Amaro showed lack of interest, so that #3 job may be Ellis' to lose.

At RB I absolutely get confused about all the Williamses there. But Ware didn't look good today. So I wouldn't be surprised if two of them make the cut.

Defense: Plenty of good players upfront, Hitchens and Ragland are real improvements inside (sorry DJ).

DBs still are a mess. 


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Our Defense looks scary. Besides Fuller i didn't see anybody out there that played good. Especially Amerson looked lost and got beaten way to often in this game. I hope Nelson comes back and takes his spot and i hope Scandrick will look better after he spend more time in the system. We also need Berry to come back, just to lit up the fire of the defense. There were a lot of missed tacklings. Veach, Reid and Co. were talking about a change of attitude during the offseason. I didn't saw that, yesterday.

Besides that i agree with KC Guy. Litton looks good, he should get the 3rd spot. Kemp and DAT made a case to stay on the roster. From the receivers i wouldn't like to have Chesson back this year. I'm not impressed with him at all. Besides Hill, Watkins, Conley and Robinson i think DAT and Kemp/Dieter seem to be the most likely candidates to stay on the roster.

I also agree on the TE position. Kelce is set and Harris seem to be set as well. Ellis looks like he set himself apart of Amaro and the rest of the TE to be a solid #3 TE for us.

Overall the Offense looks good. Mahomes lead the team with a good performance. I think we all can get more and more comfortable, that he will turn out to be something special for us. Hill looks fantastic. Kelce is Kelce. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the lack of chemistry between Mahomes and Watkins so far. I hope they find the rhythm during the next games.

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