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Packer Game Day Thread

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Some things to watch. 

  1. Bubble players - This is the make or break game for new players. Pride (see below) identifies the following UDFA that may make the cut: Chase Litton, Ben Niemann, Darrel Williams, Arrion Springs and Ryan Hunter.
  2. Veterans playing - There are two kinds, have to and need to. If they have to play, their job is secure, but the depth is shaky. If they need to play, unemployment beckons. 
  3. Position duels - More of #2 except that two players are clearly head to head.

I want to see who wins the LG job. It appears QB3 is Litton's to lose at this point.


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I've somehow had to work every single one of our preseason games. Not worth taking time off for, but still annoying nonetheless.

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