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Preseason Week 4 - Texans v Cowboys

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Gameday chatter can go here. 

So, do we have a competition at P? Is Travis Daniels in a position to win the job over future HoF Shane Lechler?

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Spent most of my time on roster and practice squad stuff.  A thoughts in this one:

  • Justin Reid needs to start, sooner than later - beautiful int and return (stepped out on TD return, but still pretty)
  • If Pope hasn't made this team, what's the point of preseason.  Clear standout
  • Swanson needs to be on the PS - for those not watching, he had a huge run negated by an iffy hold on Slade. Just busted another one.  OK - don't show too much
  • Dee Virgin just might make this roster after all.  Prefer he starts on PS. We're definitely taking a lonng look at him.
  • Tyler Ervin had a few nice cuts on a return, but he's a goner.  Pope does everything better and Swanson is an actual RB 
  • I'm convinced we're going to carry 6 WRs for week 1, then trade B. Miller or Ellington to NE
  • Griffin is going to start, but I think Akins is going to outsnap him.  He's the guy to grab in fantasy as he's getting the red zone
  • Was about to brag about Weah then he doinked a drop.  I'm telling you, bulk him up and turn him into a TE on PS
  • Kendall Lamm is just friggin awful.  I think he and Rod Johnson have to be responsible for 75% of pressures and sacks this PS
  • Corey Moore has been a ghost this PS.  Drummond has looked solid and Campbell has made some plays
  • Matt Lengal and MyCole Pruitt have outsnapped and outplayed poor Anderson this PS
  • Chachere gets my vote for most improved - was brutal week 1 - made best man coverage play I've seen all PS on a fly - textbook technique
  • I feel bad for these LBs.  We're going to cut 4 good ones.  Keeping waiting for Kalambayi to show me anything. 
  • Joe Webb call is going to come down to the wire. Dude continues to make things happen with 4x comebacks, but hangs on to the ball too long
  • Ugh, my boy Fuller just got destroyed.  Hope that didn't burst his bubble.
  • Heath might be winning this gig over my guy Blackson
  • Lechler whips out the 61 yarder to remind everyone that he's not going anywhere
  • Would have been nice to see our starting secondary, Joseph, Colvin Jackson, and Mathieu actually play more than a few token snaps this PS. 
  • I actually take it as a good sign that Coates hasn't been out there only a few snaps this week.
  • What is to be gained by calling QB sprint outs at this point - we know Webb can run
  • Most unimproved goes to Weeden - week 1 was great, outplayed by Webb since.  If RG3 is available, we need to go get him.
  • Not seeing much of anything for the Cowboys this year.   Not seeing a team be competitive in 2018 with no passing game and no secondary. 
  • Essentially 4-0 in PS as I don't count the Nick Rose garbage.  Doesn't matter, but beats 0-4. 

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In case we needed another reason to hate the Cowboys.  Game ends on the cheapest shot ever with punt returner (Lance Lenoir) taking out the gunner Jester Weah with shot to head without even trying to field punt. Can't imagine if a concussion cost this kid a roster spot with that garbage. Bush league crap that even sunshine pumping Spencer Tillman said that Cowboys fans ought to be embarassed on his behalf.   Dude actually caught a pass on last play of the game with Bryce Jones riding him out of bounds and you could almost see him thinking about returning the favor with a finishing move of his own with a few LBs holding back as well.  Probably for the best as it's not worth getting someone hurt or suspended in a melee, but had it been on the Texans sideline, I'm not sure they would have been as restrained.  I promise you, footage of that crap will be shown before our week 5 game.  Nobody on the field will probably be around, but just as a reminder that Cowboys need to remain our mortal enemy!!!

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part of me doesnt understand why we have weeden until i realized that if something happens, we need him to secure our high draft pick

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Can't find video of the Lenior cheap shot, but it looks like the Cowboys Special Teams coach must teach this crap to his WRs.  Here's nearly identical play although hit last night was far worse and in an absurd situation with 10 seconds left of PS #4.  Truly hoping this makes it's way into film rooms, because somebody needs to LIGHT UP the next Cowboys returner who thinks launching into the gunner is fair game.  Oops, did you call for a fair catch - my bad - enjoy the CTE. F the Dirty Boys.

Well nevermind - vine video doesn't embed properly, but click link if you're interested. 


Last year, they had another WR/special teamer blindside the Colts punter 40 yards away from the return.  





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