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The Skyforge - Getcha Sigs & Avatars Here

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8 minutes ago, Hockey5djh said:
18 hours ago, Kiltman said:

Webby updated it, you can now put it under your sig

Nice, updated.

Also sent you a PM, I changed my mind on wanting the sig already.

Haha ok, 

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4 minutes ago, Nabbs4u said:

Old man Nabbs here. Can I get the EAGLES legends and my Avi transferred to this site? 

You want your old avatar that went defunct when Photobucket decided to kill their business?

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Just now, Nabbs4u said:

I feel like a Noob. Haven't said that in 10yrs. How do I download it to my profile? Where is my profile? Lol

No problem, there are a lot of changes. Top right corner of your screen, click on your name. Go to "Profile" from there. Then on the left you'll see a little picture icon and a blank circle where your avatar should be. Click it. You can either save the picture to your desktop and upload it (recommend this so you don't rely on a third party site) or you can just upload from URL. It'll make your avatar into a circle so play around with it a few times.

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