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The Skyforge - Getcha Sigs & Avatars Here


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1 minute ago, EaglesPeteC said:

Finally on my laptop on this site and can't seem to figure out how to get @Kiltman awesome sig on. Someone help.....

Click the drop down menu upper right of your screen next to your username.
Go to account settings.
On the left, go to signature.
In the editor write "Phire is God," and drop the link to the sig there too.

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Can you get me a sig of Long, Cox, Jernigan, Graham 


This logo off to the one side

and this


Somewhere on the thing, either black or white and sort of faded.


EDIT: something sorta like this:


But you know more proportional to fit all of the guys in there. Or alternatively this

I'll leave you as much creative liberty as you feel you need.

Edited by Danger
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