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Texans @ Patriots

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8 hours ago, tab said:




man i called us losing this week but i wish i was wrong about it. i dont feel any positives from this loss except maybe our D can really be something again this year. I like our new TEs tho

JJ Watt? We have never really failed to neutralise him, but in the second half, he started to get dangerous penetration and was in our backfield all the time. Looked 2014-esque. A Texan fan should be over the moon about that, even this Pat fan is. :D

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Post gameday thoughts:

- Between the Gronk no-catch and the Jose Altuve play at the plate, refs/umps were determined to give the Boston area a W. (Ok, I'm done being salty over those plays. The Gronk call is tough, but the Altuve one is unforgivable).

- The Gronk play was a bad call, but the defense would/should have held afterwards. One play can be the difference on a drive like that, but you gotta hunker down and make sure it's not. 

- There is simply no excuse for Phillip Dorsett going for 7/66/1. None.

- Paging Jadevion Clowney. Jadevion Clowney, you're in a contract year and you completely vanished. C'mon man.

- Ditto for Whitney Mercilius. 

- Kareem Jackson at S is a revelation. Now if only someone thought of that about 3-4 seasons ago. Oh, wait. We DID think of this 3-4 seasons ago.

- Zach Cunningham had the toughest job in sports yesterday, covering a 6' 5" 265lb freight train down the seam. That was a design flaw from the get go, you need to put bodies on Gronk and disrupt the route. Draw the flag if you must, but don't give Gronk a free release. Jam him, hold him, hook an arm before he gets 10 yards into his route...slow the man down, or he does what he did yesterday.

- DJ Reader was a 6th round pick. Why? Guy is Casey Hampton reborn, has the size to occupy blockers and the athleticism to split double teams routinely. Quite literally, there were 20 DTs taken ahead of Reader. (Tyreek Hill was one pick ahead of DJ, so that's two really good players passed on). No idea as to why. 

- I feel bad for Christian Covington. Had that tricep injury that ended his season last year, then went down with a quad injury. No word on severity, but it did open the door for Angelo Blackson to get some productive snaps. Hopefully we'll get some Carlos Watkins next week, not sure why he was a scratch this week. DL depth is huge.

- Sending three after Tom Brady? Seriously, what the hell? 

- Time for some perspective: This was Deshaun Watson's 8th career start. And his first "bad" start in those 8 games. The Pats seemed to have everyone double covered, I don't know how they pull off that kind of coverage with only 11 men, but they had our guys locked up.

- This being said, Watson looked really bad. Tentative in his drop back, throwing off of his back foot, holding onto the ball too long...this was a sermon on how not to play QB. I guess it's good to get the stinker out of the way now.

- The OL looked really bad early on, but the run blocking was better than usual. With a unit this bad, you're happy with anything positive.

- Speaking of which, go re-sign Jeff Allen and see if he can win the LT job. His salary won't be guaranteed and he actually looked serviceable at LT (outside of the three consecutive false starts vs the Titans). Martinas Rankins isn't ready to start, but could be platooned at LT with Allen. Maybe between the two, you'll get a decent amount of production at LT.

- The WR unit didn't help any, either. Hop dropped a few, Ellington dropped around three that I counted. A few of those were errant throws that guys had to reach back for, but (ESPECIALLY in the case of Hop) you need to make some plays when you're against the Patriots. 

- Vyncint Smith has no business on the 53. Literally no business being on the field. Watson was telling him where to line up on every play, positioning him where he needed to be. Say what you will about Braxton Miller, but he didn't need to be redirected as the team broke the huddle. 

- Lamar Miller looked like a man determined to earn his keep yesterday. Alfred Blue looked like a guy who wants more carries. Much needed given the situation with D'Onta Foreman. 

- Ryan Griffin got open, Jordan Thomas had a great over-the-shoulder snag and Jordan Akins had some good plays along the sideline. I get the feeling that if we play the Pats again, we've got to draw up a gameplan that is TE heavy, because I don't think the Pats cover TEs well. Use Hop and Fuller as decoys, and target Griffin/Akins/Thomas 20+ times. 

- Fairburn/Daniels kicked the hell out of the ball, Ervin had some nice returns, coverage in ST was airtight. I don't think I've ever seen such a good performance on ST since... maybe 2006 when Andre Davis took two KRs to the house? Stellar, consistent showing by ST.

- Bill O'Brien gets the worst performance of the week award. This is getting tiresome, it's becoming impossible to defend this guy after he makes the same mistakes over and over again. I really, REALLY want to think he'll get over this and get to a point where he's making the right decisions consistently, but that day is probably not coming.

- AFC looks like it's open for the taking at the #2 spot. Steelers tied the Browns, Jags didn't look overly great in beating the Giants, Chargers looked worse for wear with the injuries, KC exploited big plays but gave up big plays, Baltimore beat up a very bad (0-16 bad) Bills team, Denver is finding out about Keenum, Bengals look very balanced but have a bad coaching situation, Titans and Dolphins don't scare anyone. The loss was bad, but context tells me the fight is just beginning. 

- This being said... Andrew Luck is back. That never bodes well for us.

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On 9/11/2018 at 7:00 AM, ET80 said:

Oh, I love this. Good job. xD

Are sigs even a thing anymore, If they are, i cant see them on my phone or computer. 

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2 minutes ago, Pastor Dillon said:

Are sigs even a thing anymore, If they are, i cant see them on my phone or computer. 

They are, there's something on the profile section that can allow for posting and viewing sigs - give me a sec to find it.

Phones won't see them, but computers will.

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19 minutes ago, Pastor Dillon said:

Are sigs even a thing anymore, If they are, i cant see them on my phone or computer. 

Quick heads up - if you're on a computer, click on your name in the top right corner and go to "Account Settings". You'll have a few options on your left, one of which is "Signatures".

Once you're in that section, you'll see a Radio switch to see others' sigs - click that to green and you'll see everybody's sig.

Still trying to figure out how to post mine, I'm getting an error...

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