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Nasty Nate vs Cool Joe. WEEK ONE GDT

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22 hours ago, BayRaider said:

I'm not making absurd comments about my own team. You guys have by far the worst QB situation ive seen anyone have in years. Saying a team might struggle against your QBs was the most laughable thing ive read all week. Not trying to be a hater, I always root on the Bills. But c'mon lol. 

Really the worst? That's a bit much. I can think of a lot worse QB situations than recently than having the #7 overall draft pick. I mean just look at the Browns QB situation last year. Josh Allen is better than all of those QBs. No need to use a hyperbole.

I mean Allen is more talented than Mahomes who tore your defense up. Mahomes does have a year under his belt so I'm sure Allen wont out perform him but his potential is way higher than Mahomes.

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