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If you could pick one cloned 25 year old HOF player to add to your team this year, who would you have?


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29 minutes ago, FinneasGage said:

randy moss to gb

I agree, it would be fun to see his reaction when our crapville defense gives up yet another 3rd and 9 while the other team marches to victory.

Our offense isn't the problem. It hasn't always been pretty the past 2 seasons, but at the end of the day it's not our fatal flaw. We'd need somebody on defense, and if we're only choosing on player, a disruptive force on the line makes sense. Reggie White, Watt, someone like that.

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42 minutes ago, Forge said:

Why Bruce instead of Reggie?

Yeah I don't get that one either.

I was going to say Reggie (obvious answer) but given our depth on the DL it's not an immediate Need despite the massive upgrade he'd be!

I was considering Dawk to have that backend enforcer, Ray Ray to solidify to front 7 , Moss for Wentz (damn that would be fun) but I'll go with

CB Deion Sanders

He'd shut down 1/2 the field and other teams #1's only making this Eagles Top 5 Defense (with CB issues) even better. 

OBJ x2, Julio, Evans, Thomas, Hopkins

Yeah, We need him! ?


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Really just about any of the CBs. Maybe Deion since he was most recent. All our offseason shenanigans early on basically shifted us from being a team with Marcus Peters and no other good CBs to a team with Kendall Fuller and no other good CBs. Nelson is a solid nickel, but we have no strong solution for the RCB spot.

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