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2018 Jaguars Survivor Pick'Em

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Same rules as last year. 

You pick a winner every week. You get 3 "lives" and you lose 1 every time you pick wrong. Once you've picked a team, you cannot pick them again even if they lost

Strength of schedule will be the deciding factor meaning whoever picks the worst teams will will(assuming they have a # of lives greater or equal to the next guy)

Please don't post the following week's picks until after the MNF game started so its easier to keep track. 

If you have any questions, ask quickly. You have until kickoff of the last game to make a pick and you essentially lose a life for not picking but can rejoin week 2 with 2 lives left

Jaguarcrazy2832: Det NO Minn Jax Cinn GB ATL NE CHI Indy

MJD4MVP5455: Det Jax Clev LAC Cinn GB ATL Indy CHI NYG

Hall of Shame

Jags: LAR NE Minn Philly: WEEK 4

LinderFournette: NOR LAC Minn Oak Jax WEEK 5

Tugboat: Balt Buff Minn Jax Den WEEK 5

Skaterbirdhouse: Balt NYG No Pick No Pick No Pick WEEK 5

Vloo: Cincy Sea Minn LAC Car Balt Jax WEEK 6

Pwny: Balt LAC Minn Sea Dall GB Jax WEEK 6

.Buzz: Balt LAC Minn Philly LAR Balt LAR No Pick WEEK 7

Adrenaline_Flux: Jax LAC Minn NO Dall LAR ATL KC CHI NE WEEK 10

Jaguarfan: Jax NO Minn LAC Tenn GB LAR NE CHI ATL WEEK 10

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