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Win totals

Individual stats

Marvin's missed challenges

It's all up for guess.  If i remember i'll pull this up after the season and see if anyone got any.

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Here's a few

Win total: 9

AJ Green yardage: 1150, TD's: 9

Tyler Eifert games played: 11

D-line sack total: 52

Carl Lawson sacks: 11

Geno Atkins sacks: 11.5

All pros: 2 (Geno - 1st team, WJIII - 2nd team)

Playoff wins: 1 (wild card) (obviously a bold prediction)

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13 wins, including playoffs.


Marvin misses 6 challenges,\.


Dalton throws for 32 TDs

Mixon and Gio combine for 11 TDs on the ground.


Bullock misses 1 XP and 4 FGs, promting the gteam to let him go after the seaon without trying to re-sign him.


Burfict with only one personal foul. 


Geno 11 sacks.  Dunlap 10 sacks.  Lawson 13 sacks.  Willis 5 sacks.  Billings with 5 sacks.


WJIII only averages two passes thrown at him a game.


Phillips gets the long awaited return for a TD (and unlike Jones', hthey won't call it back with some BS call)

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17-0 in regular season then lose to the Browns in the playoffs after the first round bye.


Geno and Andy win all the awards.

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Only thing I got is a prediction for the season. Let me break it down though week by week just for fun.

Week 1: You already know my pick for this.

Week 2: Primetime game logic says its a loss, but the Bengals don't always lose in these games. Plus they have a good track record at home against the Ravens.

Week 3: Panthers will be too tough on the road, blowout loss.

Week 4: Make it another blowout loss this time against the Falcons.

Week 5: Bounce back win against the Dolphins.

Week 6: Sorry, the Bengals can't beat the Steelers at home.

Week 7: Upset win on the road against a Chiefs team with changes.

Week 8: Close game against the Bucs, but a win.

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: Typical loss after a bye against the Saints.

Week 11: Ravens revenge game from last season ends with a loss.

Week 12: Its the Browns.

Week 13: Always close games with the Broncos, but a win.

Week 14: Tough test against the Chargers, have it a loss.

Week 15: Not buying the Raiders hype.

Week 16: Its still the Browns.

Week 17: Sorry, the Bengals still beat the Steelers.


I don't see 9 wins as enough to make the playoffs, but if it is its another one and done. Marvin Lewis once again gets another stupid extension and the suicide watch in Cincinnati goes up.

While 9 wins would be a great improvement, I'm at the point where anything less than a playoff is a complete failure.

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