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Week 1 GDT: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers


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10 hours ago, James said:

You'd think blocking his own team's extra point would be a mark against him.

Completely agree, it's very evident he is overmatched at OT and is the weak link on our OL going forward. Really hoping that Robinson gets a chance to show what he has next week instead of him.

Other takeaways -

Happy with the play calling, you could see that we had designed plays to attack certain points in their defense. Still used the zone read which is one of Cam's biggest strengths.

DL is a monster. Constantly was in Dak's face. Shaq had a very good game - making impact plays.

Happy with Donte Jackson. Thought he had a good game and didn't make any noticeable mistakes.

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 awins a win but this one was costly. cam looked solid. didn't see much separation from the wr. decent run game but would like to see CJ near the goal line. def was amazing as usual . the keuchly scare scared the bejesus out of me.

o line was ok. dallas got a lot of push up the middle. losing our OT for what looks like an extended time is going to hurt. olsen looks like he's going to miss a lot of time. at least we have Thomas, now time to throw him into the fire.

a solid win, esp with NO and ATL losing. but o line and O have to be better.

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and we just lost 2 of our best people. OT Williams probably going on IR and olsen might as well be. I've heard of day to day and week to week but not month to month. I highly doubt we see olsen again this year and I wish the best for Williams but at least we might get him cheaper in FA next year.

also we'll soon find out how good Ian Thomas is. he looked good in the preseason but reg season is a different beast.

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