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Up/Down Week 1

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-Mixon looked great, running lanes were there

-We came back and won

-Vigil looked pretty solid

-Dunlap had a good game as well

-Dalton had a decent game aside from the pick

-MVP Fejedelem



-Right side of OL

-Defense allowed Luck to dink and dunk all the way down the field




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Watched some highlights, and what stuck out to me was

  1. The blocking in space/downfield was great
  2. This offense has a lot of skill weapons
  3. Joe Mixon had a great day
  4. Andy Dalton was great outside of that pick.  The pick was bad man, real bad.  Even with pressure in his face, can't make that throw.
  5. Fej earned some more PT.  


  1. The defense has figure out how to defend those crossers, because in a few days they play captain checkdown.  Better believe Joe Flacco will throw about 40 of those.
  2. The pass rush wasn't great.  Granted the Colts did a good job mitigating it, but they have to win more for this defense to win.
  3. The LB's still look lost in space on passing plays.  Man, zone, doesn't matter.  Lost.

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Joe Mixon: Player of the game.  Stud.
Andy Dalton: Bad mistake early but played really well outside of that I thought.  Took a beating yesterday but it didn't seem to phase him.
Carlos Dunlap: Gets overlooked with Geno, Lawson, and others but he is a stud.
Randy Bullock: Didn't miss any kicks.
Vigil: He flashes some great games.  Can't wait for him and Burfict on the field together.


AJ Green: Complete liablity after the catch.  Needs to spend time in the gym.
Hart: Awful.
LBs in coverage: It's expected but still.

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1. Second half adjustments

2. Vigil getting 11 tackles

3. Fejedelem stepping in when Williams was ejected

4. Mixon and the run blocking

5. Dalton rock solid after bad INT


1. Bill Lazor's 1st half gameplan

2. All that so called "young" talent on the DL

3. Redmond and Hart

4. AJ Green's 2 fumbles

5. What the hell are the new rules?

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I don't get all the "half time adjustments" talk at this point.  What exactly changed?  The only real change was the offense going to up tempo/no huddle" and the defense adjusting to the pace of the Colts doing it.  We still made no attempt to take away the underneath stuff to the TEs.  It took a forced fumble to seal it.


I did rather enjoy the controlled rage the defense played with after the second PF on Dunlap (the fumble recovery)

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