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2018 WEEK 2 Ravens @ Bengals TNF

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5 hours ago, drd23 said:

Boyle and Andrews don't really play the same position though.  If Hurst was healthy it might be different

I guess we can't blame this on Pees any more

For real. I'll admit I was wrong. It was Harbaugh all along, not Pees. He's been the only consistent thing throughout everything.

EDIT: Just for my own curiosity, I went and looked up the Titans snap counts so far through week 1. Guess who has played 71% of the Titans' defensive snaps? You guessed - Kamalei Correa - AT OLB!


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47 minutes ago, DreamKid said:

One of Tim's like 3 pass rush snaps....

I feel like every year I see this so many times. Our guys getting there instantly only to have Dalton releasing the ball after .025 seconds.

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