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N’Keal Harry best WR prospect since...?

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18 hours ago, Ragnarok said:

I don't know a ton about him as I haven't done much WR studying outside of the SEC.  

What makes him a better prospect than Corey Davis(5th), Mike Williams(7th), and John Ross(10th).  Three very different types of WRs, but all had elite aspects.  What's he elite at?

He's got all the tools except elite speed. That's a pretty large trait he's missing though. It's why I don't think he'll be a truly elite WR in the NFL, but he's so good in other aspects that I think he can survive in the league. He needs to be in an offense where other receivers can draw attention away from him, IMO. He is good with contested catches for the most part, smart player, but he just doesn't have that elite athleticism you crave in a true #1.

Dane Brugler actually just came out today and said he views him as more of a second rounder.

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38 minutes ago, BleedTheClock said:

No way.

Odell was a TD but the degree of difficulty in Harry's catch just seemed greater. Odell was falling but he was still somewhat upright when he snagged the football. Harry was 180 degrees with the turf. Completely on his back.

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1 hour ago, Ragnarok said:

I care about separation and you need at least enough speed for that.

And he has enough speed for that. He can separate. He won't blow by a guy, but he can separate. And we can clearly see what he's able to do if there isn't much separation. 

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