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Week 2 GDT: Detroit Lions At San Francisco 49ers

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10 minutes ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

Pettis is going to be a big play WR for years to come. He will be fine, but he needs to get stronger. He doesn't make any contested catches and when he isn't able to get a free release, then he will struggle a bit. His strength in college was beating press coverage due to how shifty he is at the LOS, but different ball game going up against guys like Rhodes and Slay. 

A bigger concern is how Taylor is getting manhandled. Opposing corners are playing him super physical and he hasn't been able to get free. Teams also know Jimmy G loves to go to him and 3rd downs so they are really keying in on him. 

If Goodwin was just a speedster then he wouldn't be that important. But the man is able to run pretty much every route now and you just never know if he is going deep on a certain play or running a comeback etc. Once he returns the offense will get back to what we saw for the most part in the last five games last year and in preseason.

On that same note, I think we’re also seeing how important Garcon will be going forward. He’s easily our most physical receiver at the line. He and Jimmy will get on the same page and that will free up other guys too.

also, worth reminding people that Jet was going to be a big part of our passing attack and we’re missing him too.

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