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Adopt-A-Lion 2017 Discussion & Sign up Thread


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It's just about that time of year, guys!


What is the Adopt-A-Lion draft?

Every year, as a forum, we hold a draft where members can "adopt" a player, coach, or staff member to root for during the season. 


How do you participate?

Just post your name in this thread and I'll add your username to the list of interested posters. Once we get a good turnout (probably in a week or so, due to the transition), I will randomize the usernames and post the draft order. We will then start the draft!


How do you represent your draft pick?

Get creative! Work it into your posts, create interesting discussion topics, represent them in your profile picture. Whether you're a Stafford fan that wants to support his quest to become the highest paid QB in the NFL, or you're a fan of the UDFA fighting to make the roster, these guys need YOU!

Have some suggestions on how to improve the process?

Ideas to make this more fun? Feel free to post them, or shoot me a private message and we can explore working the new ideas into this years draft, or possibly next season. 


Post your Username below and let me know that you want in. I will add your name to the list

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Interested members




Louis Friend




Draft Order

1. Louis Friend: Jeremiah Valoaga, DE
2. ManeLine: 
Ameer Abdullah, RB
3. Lionized: Kenny Golladay, WR
4. X_Factor_40: Darius Slay, CB
5. rob_shadows: Matthew Stafford, QB
6. MrLionzz: Jarrad Davis, LB
7. ahoda

8. TimeForChange: Jamal Angew, PR/KR

9. Nnivolcm: Jim Bob Cooter

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On September 1, 2017 at 6:27 PM, Louis Friend said:

Are we still doing this despite the poor turnout? 

Yes. We will still move forward. I delayed everything a bit hoping to get some more interest. I'll probably start the draft on Tuesday, September 5th. 

Everyone is still welcome to participate! Just let me know if you would like to throw your name in the hat. 

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Was hoping there would be more interest, but we'll get this going with those who have posted their interest so far. If anyone else wants to join, they're free to do so after we start. Just make a post and we'll add you into the draft order. 

Here are the randomized results: 

Pick # Team Name
1  @Louis Friend
2  @ManeLine
3  @Lionized 
4  @X_Factor_40
5  @rob_shadows
6  @MrLionzz
7 @ahoda
8  N/A



The draft can start right now, and since some guys have mentioned their time constraints, we won't have time slots unless we look like we're going to run into game time so that everyone gets to make their selection before then. If we end up wanting to, we can roll back around and pick a second guy, which doesn't have to happen before Sunday. If anyone else is interested, just let me know and we'll throw you in there so you can get in on the fun. How this plays out just all depends on what you guys want to do, so don't hesitate to throw out ideas. So, when @Louis Friend is ready he can get this rolling! Good luck, guys! 

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