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Chargers best case long term solution

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IMO the Chargers best bet is to try and become the Angels.

This would require a new owner buying the team, and having the money to build a stadium in Anaheim or somewhere in Orange County. They get to keep the LA name/Revenue similarly to the Angels, but they also get a more concentrated local base of fans in Orange County and Riverside County.

The Chargers already had a decent amount of fans in these counties before they left SD, and a lot of them stayed with the team afterwards because they didn't have the same attachment to the city of San Diego that SD fans had.

I don't know if it will ever happen, but I think this is the best bet long term for the franchise.

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Long term the smart move would be to not be in L.A because L.A will never be the Chargers area. The rams are L.A's team and the sooner Spanos/whoever buys the team in 5-10 years because of whatever the better.

I hope they move back to San Diego, I know they won't because Spanos was chasing the $$$ but sharing a stadium wtih the rams is gonna screw them long term. I don't know where option C would be for a move given there really isn't an ideal place given their history but still the Chargers look screwed long term.

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On 9/13/2018 at 6:06 PM, Neutral2 said:

Option C has to be the owners putting pressure on Spanos to sell.  The lack of ticket sales is putting pressure on their bottom lines.  There's gotta be tension building against Spanos.

Good luck with that.  It's a cash cow for the family and the real estate development market isn't going to be as kind to them in CA.  So unless they are either leveraged into selling the team (which might happen if they try to relocate out of state in the next 10 years), the best hope may lie in hoping that John and A.G.'s kids either have no interest in the day-to-day stuff as their dad's do and are happy just being the "celebrities in the suite" or that one of them actually turns out to be the good owner that their predecessors weren't/aren't.

Fan pressure to sell isn't going to do a damn thing because ticket re-sellers and visiting fans, plus shared revenue and TV money, are going to keep the Spanii fat and happy.

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Seems like the Rams being as good as they are kind of screwed you guys. When LA gets 2 new teams and one of them is the favorite to win the Super Bowl, it's fairly apparent who people will flock to.


I hate LA and am salty they moved the team out of SD. That was a scumbag move to move to that scumbag city.

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5 hours ago, Zappaz said:

Best case... some of the guys on the Chargers get in good with Lebron and he helps promote the Chargers. Then we'll get the fanboys to come which maybe then some will turn to real fans.

Honestly, Ballmer's the best hope - and I still only give it about a 5% chance he even puts an offer in on the team (2% of that that the Spanii accept).  Being the "alternative"/rebels is a marketable prospect for both the Clippers and the Chargers (particularly if they do it together) if they're both competitive.

Unfortunately, the best way to really ensure those gates is to get a true standout player (QB, pass-rusher, elite RB or WR) out of USC (or maybe UCLA, but I wouldn't hold my breath there) to build the marketing around - the only other alternative is to go the route the Chargers went early in their tenure and acquire an ultra-popular QB (was Unitas then, would need to be on the level of the Broncos acquiring Peyton) after Rivers retires.

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