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Game 2, 2018: vs Miami Dolphins

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2 hours ago, jetfuel34 said:

Some things I take from the game

First off the Jets should have won that game. There was too many bone head mistakes from the coach to the players. Over all not bad.


I like how Darnold made some great throws and the WR made some great plays.

The rookie TE might be a bust pick. His big thing is catching and he had several drops. This is not good because it it rare for someone to have a bunch of drops and come back from it. 

The OL was pretty bad going against a below average DL. 

I said this a million times and it is proven true. You don't need the big name pass rusher to get sacks. I would take a strong DB than a pass rush guy. We are getting coverage sacks a lot. 

I think Jason Myers might cost us some games too. He has a good league but he misses a lot. Dan Bailey has 4 offers on the table and word is he is going to join one this week. I hope it is the Jets. He said he wanted to be with a contender so I'm thinking Minn.

We probably should have won this game and I am a big believer of getting rid of Bowles, but this was a game the player blew, not Todd Bowles. 

How is it rare for a rookie TE making his debut to have a ton of drops and come back from it? He is raw and will take time. Yeah he cost us a lot yesterday but the ability is there and they cannot give up on him. That fact that you actually have the audacity to use the word bust after one game is just a complete overreaction. Its okay, we are all a little upset about that game. He isn't a bust. Jury will be out for a while on Herndon.

We absolutely need a pass rusher or a change of scheme. Coverage sacks are so much harder to get in this league especially with rule changes.  Jets need a pass rusher, not to rely on coverage and hope someone will eventually get there. 

Hopefully we see a better showing Thursday night.

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Told ya, they weren't fishes. lol.


Jason Myers is 4 for 4 fgs so far but missed a simple PAT. At least, he is no Daniel Carlson nor Zane Gonzalez.

Jets had more RAC production than first week. Hopefully, Jets continue that way for full season.

I don't know if Chris Herndon's fumble at end of 1st half is a concern but it was likely TD or go empty challenge in his gut. He ran well to get himself open but dropped an easy one?  Shame.


Darnold at least showed he was able to move the offense. Because of that, defense was rest well enough to freeze the opponent's score.  I can't believe Jets fell apart in Dolphins' final series. What is up with that?  Anyway, someone gave Jets some gas to burn, as a result, Jets pushed Dolphins back to out of their field goal position.  Good job, Jets. However, Jets decided to call a timeout on 3rd and 19 yards? I won't do that because Darnold can move the offense to endzone with the help of 4 timeouts (2 min included).

When an unit runs hotter you don't dare to find any way to cool down.

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