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The Dawg Pound Introduction Thread


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On 7/15/2017 at 9:38 AM, zelbell said:



Current Location: 


Occupation or school/area of study: 


Interests besides football: 

Your Dream Dinner(5 people, dead or alive, you want to meet): 

Favorite Food: 

Favorite Movies: 

Favorite TV Shows: 

5 favorite bands/artists of all-time: 

5 favorite albums of all-time: 

Favorite current Cleveland Brown: 

Favorite past Cleveland Brown: 

Favorite non-brown player of all-time: 

Favorite current non-brown in the NFL:



Cleveland Hts.

Former teacher, now and administrator/ Boston College


Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Morgan Freeman, George Lucas, Samuel Jackson

Pizza, steak and shoestring fries, tacos

Star Wars (any of them, but particularly Empire), Raising Arizona, Its a wonderful life, True Romance, Pulp Fiction

Breaking Bad, The Office, Any cooking show or HGTV show

Tom Petty and the Hearbreakers, Guns n Roses, Lumineers, Greenday, Pearl Jam

Appetite For Destruction, Wildflowers, Harvest, Cleopatra, Ten

Nick Chubb (in the pants)

Hanford Dixon

Derrick Thomas

Travis Kelce


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