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BDL 2018 Week 2: Long Beach Leprechauns @ Wichita Woodpeckers


Long Beach Leprechauns @ Wichita Woodpeckers  

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BDL 2018 Week 2

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good Luck

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Long Beach Leprechauns


QB- Aaron Rodgers
RB- Christian McCaffrey
WR- DeAndre Hopkins
WR- Marvin Jones
WR- Cooper Kupp
TE- George Kittle
LT- Terron Armstead
LG- Andrew Norwell
C- Max Unger
RG- Joe Thuney
RT- Bryan Bulaga

RB- Isaiah Crowell
FB- Andy Janovic
QB- DeShone Kizer
TE- CJ Uzomah

WR- Devin Funchess
WR-Keelan Cole
OL- Charles Leno Jr
OL- Quinton Spain


LE- Cam Jordan
NT- DJ Reader
UT- Javon Hargrave
RE- Trey Flowers
SLB- De’Vondre Campbell
WLB- Jarrad Davis
CB- Trumaine Johnson
CB- Bradley Roby
Nickel- Budda Baker
FS- Tyrann Mathieu
SS- Landon Collins

DE- Preston Smith
DT- Taven Bryan
DE- Sam Hubbard
DT- Deadrin Senat
LB- Joe Schobert
LB- Avery Williamson

CB- EJ Gaines
CB- Patrick Robinson



Wichita Woodpeckers

QB - Jared Goff
RB - Adrian Peterson
WR - Larry Fitzgerald
WR - Michael Crabtree
WR - Jordy Nelson
TE - Jared Cook
LT - Duane Brown
LG - Kelechi Osemele
C - Graham Glasglow
RG - Quentin Nelson
RT - Julien Davenport
QB: Sam Bradford
RB : Leonard Fournette
RB: Jordan Willits
RB: Cameron Artis-Payne
TE : Cameron Brate
C: Brett Jones
OT: Will Richardson
OT: Garry Gilliam

DE: Adrian Clayborn
DT: Corey Peters
DT:  Jonathan Allen
DE: Brandon Graham
LB: Luke Kuechly
LB: Sean Lee
CB: Aqib Talib
FS: Harrison Smith
SS: Jaquiski Tartt
NCB: Ken Crawley
CB: Rashaan Melvin
DE Alex Okafor
DE Arden Key
INT Al Woods
LB Raekwon McMillan
LB Haasson Reddick
CB MJ Stewart
CB Brian Poole
S Jabrill Peppers


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Gameplan Long Beach

Keys on Offense:
Due to injury to Rodgers and uncertainty on his availability we will be relying more on our run game this week with McCaffrey and Crowell and a three wide one tight set. Even if Rodgers plays we will be looking at a 50/50 balanced pass and run attack.










Pass Game:


Skill Player Matchups:

Our base offense this week will be a three wide, one tight, one back set.  We will be running combo routes with Cooper Kupp and Marvin Jones Jr. on one side of the field looking to attack different levels of the defense and have Hopkins on the side with Kittle or on an island when Kittle is moved around. We expect Hopkins to draw Talib and we believe Hopkins will get the best of Talib throughout the game. If Hopkins isn’t in the game Funchess gets the start outside, and Keelan Cole is the fifth receiver available. Kittle will move around, split out to make four wide seldomly in four wide sets, will see time as an H-Back out of the backfield and line up as a traditional tight end. Kittle is our chess piece as well as McCaffrey to move around and attack this defense. McCaffrey will chip and release on some pass plays, and be utilized in some screens if the defense is playing over aggressive football. Crowell will be the primary pass blocking back to add extra protection to whoever the QB is. Our passing game relies heavily on Rodgers, and if Kizer gets the start we will be leaning more on the running game than the 50/50 balance we are already looking for in this game with Rodgers at the helm.


Oline on Passing Downs:

I like my offensive lines matchups in this game. While I have respect for the Wichita Dline I don’t see a game wrecking pass rusher on the unit. We will have Kittle in as a blocker on stand in blocks and chip and releases if the pressure is getting too hot. I like my bookend tackle’s ability to keep a clean outside pocket for Rodgers or Kizer. Our interior oline holds up well against the interior of the Wichita dline. We won’t be moving the pocket much in this game so sealing the edges and holding the middle is crucial and our oline is built for this against this front.


Running Game Attack the Open Lane:

We will be utilizing a zone running scheme again this week. Crowell will have a heavier workload than last week. He will take a lot of the short yardage work and early down work, with McCaffrey as a third down, receiving back who will still get the start and see some early down work as well. Janovich is the fullback and on short yardage or goaline packages we will have two formations to help with our run game push. We will implement a two wide three back set Jano at fullback, Kittle at Hback, and McCaffrey or Crowell at RB. The Other formation is a one wide, Kittle at TE, Jano at FB and McCaffrey and Crowell in the backfield as RB’s. This will give our run game some versatility this week while still allowing passing plays out of these formations. We will be looking for cutback lanes and stretch zone reads once again out of our one back formations, and some more straight ahead inside running with possible bounce out lanes in our multi back sets.

Keys on Defense:

Play fast and create turnovers, blitzing a fifth rusher often. Take advantage of key injuries on the Wichita Offense in Fournette and Olsen.


Front 6:

Our base D is 4-2-5 under this week again. We will be playing Budda Baker in the Nickel again this week against their three wide sets. If they go to a traditional 2 Wide look we will play a 4-3 defense. If they go into a four wide we bring in EJ Gaines and Jarrad Davis comes off the field. Javon Hargrave starts at under tackle and DJ Reader get the starts at Nose Tackle, with Taven Bryan backing up as the pass rush specialist inside at under tackle and Deadrin Senat as a backup to Reader at NT. Trey Flowers gets the start at RE and Cam Jordan will be the LE. Preston Smith will back up Flowers at RE and Sam Hubbard will backup at LE. The Dline on clear passing downs and situations will be Preston Smith at RE, Trey Flowers at LE, Cam Jordan at UT, and Hargrave or Bryan at NT. De’Vondre Campbell will be the SLB. Jarrad Davis will play the WLB/MLB role in this base defense. De’Vondre Campbell in zone will play the curl to flats to the side opposite of Baker, and in man in two tight sets he will man on a tight end or two back sets one of the RB’s when he is not blitzing. When in a two tight end set Campbell will jam the tight end on his side. Campbell will be blitzing a lot more this game to get after Goff and force him into bad decisions. Davis will matchup on the RB in man and play the other hook to curl zone, when Campbell blitzes Davis will have middle of the field responsibilities. The Wichita RB’s do not worry us coming out of the backfield as pass catchers. Of course they will be covered but they are not an imposing threat.  If we go to a 4-3 defense, Avery Williamson will come in at MLB backed up by Joe Schobert and Budda will come off the field.


With Fournette slowed by injury and Peterson bound to show his age we believe their running game will not match up to our front.


Trumaine Johnson and Bradley Roby are the starting CB’s with EJ Gaines the main backup outside Corner. Budda Baker is playing in the nickel and is backed up by Patrick Robinson. Strong Safety is Landon Collins and he is playing closer to the line of scrimmage like an additional linebacker. Tyrann Mathieu playing Free Safety. Budda will be the backup safety at Free or Strong if something were to happen to Tyrann or Landon.


We will be looking at a 60/40 split of Zone and Man


Zone Coverage:

Trumaine Johnson will play on the field side and Bradley Roby will play on the boundary side as both line up outside.  Our zone defense will be a cover three. With Trumaine and Roby jamming outside receivers and having cover three responsibilities on the outside. Tyrann Mathieu will have deep third in the middle of the field. Landon Collins will play the hook to curl on the strong side where Campbell is playing the flats, if Campbell blitzes Collins will play curl to flats. Davis on the other side favoring more of the middle of the field, as Baker plays curl to flat.


Man Coverage:

In man Trumaine will play the man on his side and vice versa with Roby. With Tyrann playing deep middle over the top. Baker will take the slot receiver. If Jarrad Davis is in the game he has the RB, and Collins has the TE freeing up Campbell to blitz. If it is a two RB formation with a TE, the Middle Linebacker and WLB have the RB’s and Collins has the TE. This frees us up to blitz Campbell or play him in a robber role. In a four wide Campbell blitzes, Baker and EJ Gaines are matched up on slot or inside receivers. Collins has the RB.


With Cook coming in mid week and not being able to fully grasp the playbook we expect to see some communication errors in route running. We like our secondary against their pass catchers.





Wichita Woodpeckers

The key to winning this week is ball control. Between the power running game and quick hits to pick up yards we look to extend our drives and keep Long Beach's offense off the field.

Running Game: Peterson and Willits (Fournette as well if he is cleared to play) lead the back field this week. We look to take advantage of a weak interior that was exposed last week with the help of our road traders in Osemele, Nelson and Glasnow. We will also hit the edge as we will be running 3WR looks primarily, that removes an extra hat at the second level of the defense. 2 TE looks will be featured as well to provide extra blocking. In those situations Nelson will come off.

Passing Game: Fitzgerald will be moved all over the field this week especially if he is being shadowed by a specific CB to constantly throw LBs defense into disarray. We look to funnel the ball out with quick hits to Fitz as he still presents a matchup nightmare on the field. Look for a lot of slants, curls, quick outs, and crossing patterns.

As for the other WRs, they will also get their love in the quick passing game to move the chains.

Eventually between the quick passing game and the power running, it will open up the door for play action in which we will let it fly deep.

TE: With the introduction of Jared Cook, we will look to take advantage of the safety/LB matchup by using his athletic ability. He was near unrecoverable last week and we look to get the ball to him steadily as well, especially in verticals.

Last week LB rolled with a 4 wide look and lost due not giving Rodgers adequate blocking and letting him take a beating. I don't think they would repeat that mistake two weeks in a row. However, just in case of the four wide, we will throw some exotic blitzes in there from the CB/S/LB to overload the line and put hits on a now injured Rodgers that lacks mobility due to his knee injury. We would also name the WRs at the line to cause them to not get open right away and give our rush even more time to hit the QB.

As we dont think LB would cb use that strategy, we will set up with the Cover 1 Robber with Tartt over top to cover the deep man. This will free up Smith to jump into his many hats of CB cover, Zone Cover the middle of the field, blitz, cover the RB etc. He will be able to jump into any role he pleases due to his elite awareness of play recognition.

Kuechly and Lee will be on McCaffrey coverage LB goes four wide. Kuech with three wide with intermittent double coverage with Smith. Lee will have TE coverage primarily.

The CBs will name the WRs at the line with Talib blanketing Hopkins, Melvin on Jones, Crawley on Funchess, Kupp on four wides will be covered by Poole.

Our pass rush of Clayborn, Allen, Peters and Graham (along with rotational Okafor, Key and Woods) with exotic blitzes from CB/S/LB should be able to hit home on the injured Rodgers.

Run Defense: Our front seven (with Smith at LB level) is solid against the run and should neutralize the running lanes in any situation.


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Long Beach gets it done this week even with a gimpy Rodgers, Wichita missing fournette is massive given he's basically their offensive engine Goff is solid don't get me wrong but I don't see him doing well with those WRs with little to no running game against a stout Long Beach front seven.

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I like Wichita attacking the DTs/LBs and zigging instead with the power running game. That said I think the quick passing game would be mitigated a bit with Long Beach pressing at the line. On the other side with Keuchly and Lee to shadow McCaffrey and a pretty strong run D group I don't think LB gets the engine started enough to open the game up for Rodgers. I think the cover 1 Robber would mitigate McCaffrey and Kittle as the weapons. Hopkins will get his on occasion against Talib but I don't think its enough for Long Beach.

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Long Beach. I don't see Goff doing well without a consistent running game to take pressure off of him, Smart on long beach to lean on the run game here but even with a limping Rodgers he's more than enough to get the job done here.

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Long Beach takes an early lead and keeps it.  

Woodpeckers being down the starting back, I just don’t see the power run being so stout.  I also like the matchups on the line favoring Long Beach think it buys A. Rodgers the time he needs to move the chains..  


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Went with Long Beach. Losing Fournette is big here, especially since Goff isn't a QB that I trust to lean on without a good foundation in the run game. I believe this week is the real Adrian Peterson and Wilkins (is Willits an inside joke?) is a rotational back on one of the worst running teams. Fitzgerald and Cook will generate some offense for Wichita, but Cameron Jordan will destroy Davenport off the edge. I don't see how Wichita keeps up.

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The biggest thing is while Wichita has the names on offense, I can’t see any one guy having a huge game. OTOH, this defense should make Rodgers work and because those LBs are so good, I have issues seeing LB put up a lot of points. Rodgers isn’t going to put anything less than 20 points, and that barometer is a prop that I can see being a challenge for Wichita.

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