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Tyrod Taylor - Thus far a disappointment


Who Was Tyrod actually throwing to?  

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  1. 1. Who Was Tyrod actually throwing to?

    • Antonio Callaway
    • Jarvis Landry
    • The End-Zone hoping someone would catch it...

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Okay so I would like to start this by saying I am not advocating for Baker Mayfield to start. 

I actually really like that Tyrod has taken the hits so Baker wont have to as our offensive line and receiving core gels. 

That being said, what I thought we were getting is a QB who dinks-and-dunks a lot, but doesn't turn the ball over in crucial situations, and with much better skilled positions that the Bills had would average at or better than his career 60% completion and the 7 yards per attempt he has averaged over his career.  So far however, I have been very disappointing.

I gave him a pass week one, even though his stats were hideous.  15 of 40 (37.5%) for 197 yards averaging 4.9 yards per attempt.  He had a turnover on an under thrown ball at the end of the game that could very well have lined us up for a game winning field goal, but could have been much worse and we didn't lose.  He didn't make nearly as many mistakes as Ben and the Steelers offense.

Then in the saints game, I thought we were going to have a big day on offense, going from terrible weather in Cleveland to a Dome against a defense that got torched, surely it wouldn't look the same...  But what I ended up seeing for the first 57:35 (all but 1:25 of the game) was a QB who threw 19 of 27 (70% which is LOADS better) for 158 yards averaging 5.85 yards per attempt.  He only added an extra 88 yards on a 47 yard ill-advised bomb (ill talk about that in a second) and 41 yards of prevent defense on the final drive.  On top of that, in the 4th quarter, he had a VERY costly interception which set the saints up for a touchdown and 2 fumbles.  We were very lucky that of the fumbles one he got back, and the other one was out of bounds.

Then we get to that 4th and 5 play.  I know that it worked, and I know that we scored the touchdown, but when you have a dink and dunk passer who doesn't have great deep ball accuracy, and the game is on the line on 4th down, WHY ARE YOU THROWING A 47 YARD BOMB TO THE ENDZONE.  I was stoked that it worked! and I LOVED how Callaway not only sped up and adjusted to the pass but got both feet in.  That being said it was bad for a number of reasons, only some including that it was a high risk play where the completion percentage possibility was very low.  With a dink-and-dunk passer, throw a dink or a dunk for 5 yards and march on.  Also we scored leaving the saints with 1:16 left on the clock and plenty of time to march back down the field.

Out of this play though comes a question.  And its a serious question.  I thought this when the play was made, and after watching the replay several times I come out with the same conclusion.  In the two games in the regular season and the 3 games Tyrod and Landry played in the pre-season, it is clear to me that Tyrod both likes and trusts Landry as a target.  He is constantly looking his way, and has 22 regular season targets in 2 games.  To me it looked like Callaway had a go route down the right sideline, and Landry had a go route down the right hash mark.  I don't think the play would have been designed to have the receivers meet in the end zone, My guess would have been if the play was going to Callaway, it would have been to the corner of the end zone, and if it was going to Landry it would have been in the middle of the end zone.  The ball was thrown directly down the right hash mark and over Jarvis Landry's head.  Callway was able to absolutely burn the guy covering him and cross the end zone to catch the pass.  Was that pass meant for Callaway at all?  Tyrod is not that good at deep balls in the first place, I'm not sure he wasn't going for Jarvis and just threw it over his head...  Look back at the play and tell me what you think...

I guess the good news is, the way this season is going, I don't think there will be much talk about extending Tyrod Taylor and a quarterback competition into the season.  I think we will see Baker Mayfield eventually this season, once we are officially no longer in the playoff hunt.  That being said I really hope its not before.  I think he needs time to truley understand the playbook and let the team gel at the line and in the receiving core before he gets thrown out there.  I actually think after our week 11 bye week might be a good time depending on our record, but I have no problem if it just ends up being next year.  This season may be long, but it cant be as bad as last season, and based on our defense and hopefully Tyrod getting better, we will win a few games.  Really looking forward to the next two weeks however, after watching the Jets and Raiders play this season I feel like we have a better than decent chance to start the season 2-1-1 which I don't think ANY of us would have complained about.  I was convince coming in we were starting 0-2 but it hurts more when you see a clear chance to win and we consistently avoid winning....

Regardless, let me know what you think of Tyrod, specifically if you think that play was even to Callaway in the first place...

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1 minute ago, candyman93 said:

The sad thing is that he’s a major upgrade over Kizers garbage ***.

Yeah, he hasn't been great or even good yet but he is still turning it over half as much as Kizer did.

To be fair, this is the worst Taylor has ever been statistically. Lowest completion percentage of his career, fewest yards per attempt, lowest TD percentage, highest INT percentage, lowest rating, highest sack rate etc... So maybe a 2 game judgement is too soon to be making judgements. He isn't a great QB but he should be average to above average. So far he has not been that. I would think he should get better as we move on and statistically he should be where he always ends up. He has never had a legit backup behind him though so when he did have off games he kept going out there or Nate Peterman came in and showed you could do a lot worse.

I'm unhappy with his performance so far but I think it will improve. I understand not yanking him as the starter. That said, I would have played Baker with the 1s and seen who I thought gave us the best chance to win before the season started and if it was Baker I would have started him game 1. We may be better with Baker right now and if so benching Taylor is the right move. If not, it is the wrong move and that becomes evident rather quickly and put the HC in the firing line. So Hue can stick with Taylor as the starter and keep himself as safe as possible. He can put Baker in and Baker thrives and Hue is probably safe. Or he can put Baker in, it doesn't go well and Hue is pretty much gone.

Hue would love to make his job more secure but he won't do it at the cost of potentially costing him his job so Taylor will start until he is injured or we are eliminated because that is the kind of coach Hue is, a me coach.

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Taylor definitely didn't have a great game, although it was an improvement from week one (that's not saying a whole lot). He did have some bad misses yesterday though. I'd say he redeemed himself in the final two minutes, though. Not his fault Zane blew it for us.

And yes, I'm sure we'll see Baker at some point this season. It's just a matter of when.

I'll still easily take Taylor over the atrocity that was DeShone Kizer last season, though.

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Ill admit he hasn’t been what I expected, but dude you gotta be kidding me on the 4th and 5 TD. That was clutch as hell, perfect pass right on the money when we needed it the most. That in no way can be a negative, it just fits your narrrative that you dislike him and it could have been overthrown or incomplete. Thats a bad argument. 

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Alright...I guess we can move our discussion into here.


Also, this is exactly who Tyrod is. In Buffalo, he always did just enough to not be entirely at fault for losing the game. He did it in Buffalo, and was benched for Peterman, despite doing just enough to allow his team to make the playoffs, though he was not even close to being the main contributor.

He's like a fringe QB, on the edge of being a competent starter/backup, and that's all he's gonna be.

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Holy crap, people. He's not a rookie. Tyrod sucks. This is not a hot take. I've been saying it's meh from the beginning. Tyrod is understandable as a hedge in case Baker want ready, so I don't fault Dorsey, but he's Drew Stanton who scares teams enough with the run that he gets some better throwing opportunities (to not take advantage of). Just start Baker already. Grr.

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29 minutes ago, NudeTayne said:

He's not better than Kessler. He's really not. Just Kizer. But everybody is.

I was a big Kessler fan and was POd when Hueball destroyed him by insisting that he play a vertical game instead of letting him be himself and scheming around that.

One of what by my count is one of 10+ strikes against Hueball.

He was out way long ago.

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Tyrod twice under threw crossing routes to higgins, that upset me.  If you can't hit crossing routes you are not a good QB. The guy is inconsistently accurate. 

Calaway probably bailed him out on the deep throw, it was amazing though. 

ATM I am disappointed, Tyrod should be on a short leash. 

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