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UDFA DT Taylor Stallworth sees more snaps than Davenport


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On 9/17/2018 at 2:01 PM, Dome said:

He needs to be seeing significant playing time sooner than later. This league now more than ever is seeing guys come in and be impact players right away. We went all in on Davenport to put us over the top, and we’ve barely taken the cover off our trophy car.

I wasn’t sold on the pick when we made it, and the way we’ve utilized him so far hasn’t made me feel any better 

I'm looking at some comparables. I, too, was upset with the price for Davenport, so here's my brief analysis.

Myles Garrett - Sat his first 4 games, jumped in in week 5 with 2 sacks, and followed up with a sack in each of his following games (4 in 3 games) and finished the season with 7. He was the #1 pick last season.
Derek Barnett - #14 pick (comparable to Davenport) registered 5 sacks in his first season.
Jonathan Allen - #17 pick registered just 1 sack in 5 games last season.
Charles Harris - #22 just 2 sack.

Joey Bosa is the freak we'd probably like to see. His stats have been unreal through his first 2 seasons.
DeForest Buckner is probably a good one to compare with. He's a #7 pick (2016) with 12.5 sacks for his career, 6 of those in his rookie season.
Shaq Lawson, who we were all high about for 2016 is sitting at 6 sacks & 25 tackles for his 2+ year career.

Cam Jordan is a Drew Brees type benchmark. Davenport isn't Cam, and won't be. It's probably not fair for us to expect freak performance from Davenport, it IS fair for us to expect better choices from our coaching, GM, and scouting staff. What we gave up for Davenport is just ridiculous, yet I think he'll turn in to a great player.

I know sacks aren't the whole picture, but we have to understand the rookie curve. I know we "paid" a lot for this guy, but to assert that we need over the moon performance from him at this point could be the career wrecker we've seen in the past from players thrust into the battle too soon.

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I think the mkat important thing being lost on this topic is that this isnt really about Davenport... Davenport did not force the Saints to do anything, it was Loomis and Payton who opted to give up the farm for him.


If this kid  just dosent live up to the value that the Saints gave up for him thats more of an indictment on this staff and management than the player.

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16 hours ago, whodatworm23 said:

I think the mkat important thing being lost on this topic is that this isnt really about Davenport...

Agreed. He looks like he’s a good player.

On 9/18/2018 at 3:51 PM, Dome said:

Again, it has nothing to do with Davenports play and everything to do with what we’re doing with him. I said after the preseason he looked ready to contribute. This is about the staff, not the player.  

If you spend two firsts on a player that isn’t a QB they need to be good players right away. No more training wheels, lets see what he can do. Someone said PFF had him as our highest rated defender? GET HIM OUT THERE


On 9/18/2018 at 10:50 AM, Dome said:

Do something to get your new franchise defender on the field. 


On 9/17/2018 at 12:01 PM, Dome said:

we’ve barely taken the cover off our trophy car.


In my eyes, we just need to get him out there. I’m not expecting huge impact plays every series, but he looks GOOD when he’s out there, let’s see it more. 

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I’m just frustrated cause all the reasons I didn’t like the move for Davenport (nothing against Davenport) are coming to fruition lol

I’m very excited for this guy long term, but all the reasons I didn’t like the move when it happened are all the reasons I still don’t like it.

I’ve just never seen a team spend two firsts on a guy they didn’t expect to come in and play at a high level from day 1, QBs excluded. And I really don’t feel like this franchise is in a place they should’ve taken the opportunity to do just that.

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17 hours ago, Dome said:

And I really don’t feel like this franchise is in a place they should’ve taken the opportunity to do just that.

I'm not crazy about the trade and what they had to give up but I do remember many of us (myself included) agreeing that Payton & Loomis had a little currency built up with the fans because of the last two drafts being so successful. I would have liked them to be just as careful and strategic as before but I'm also okay with it.

Don't get me wrong, I don't disagree with what you're saying and I understand it's more about the NOW in why you're frustrated. If I could give some advice, I would say don't get too heated over it for the next few weeks. If Payton is still holding him back after that, then we have a problem.

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17 hours ago, saintsfan said:

Davenport has the second highest grade of all rookie pass rushers after 2 weeks. The snaps will come, everyone relax

I'm plenty relaxed lol. People can criticise decisions and ask for change without being in any sort of panic. 

His PFF grades were better against the run than as a blitzer, so the staff can't get a pass there if we're gonna cite PFF... If them wanting to defend the run as a reason for keeping Davenport on the bench then they aren't seeing eye to eye with PFF on our scheme and their rating is useless to this discussion I think. 

Rankins went down in the 4th quarter. Stallworth wasn't doing a whole lot inside anyways. Why not put your rookie that you spent two firsts on there rather than the UDFA you tried to trade for a 7th? Get creative with some playcalling and get some inside pressure if we're worried about the run? 

I'm just of the mindset that if your rookie is the 2nd highest rated rookie edge players (ranked highly for his run defense) and one of the highest rated defenders on your team, and a guy you traded a first to move up for you should get him out there more often than not. If they can't think of ways to get him on the field, they should be more creative. 

Like I said, I'm just frustrated. I don't think you should spend two first on a player that isn't going to contribute immediately. To compound my frustrations, Brees has just one, MAYBE two years left. I didn't think at the time and still don't think now this was the right move for this team. That's no criticism of Davenport and I expect big things from the guy and what he'll turn our defense into. But right now it's tough to see him on the bench when we're banged up and he still doesn't see the field. Our window is nearly shut and every week he's highly graded and isn't on the field is another week I'll be here complaining about him not being out there. I hope for everyone that's sooner than later. xD


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1 hour ago, Dome said:

I’d like to point out we just put Jordan at DT with Davenport at DE end Cam got pressure up the middle for a 3rd down stop. 

Payton knows he better just do what I say :ph34r:

Cam with another great play from DT....

glad we’re being smart with our personnel 

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Davenport played 50% of the snaps in our front 7s best performance of the year. Weird! You just gotta put your best players out there and quit worrying about whatever the "vision" for the defense is. Hope they keep it up. He looks to have a lot more positive plays than negative. He’s developing as a pass rusher and looks like a natural against he run. 

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