So I'm bringing this back. Because I think it could serve to help teams around the league. Especially teams like ours.  This is a way to help fix the QB situation by not having the developmental QB on the Practice Squad (and thus be eligible to be poached). 

1.) Expand the roster to 56. Its really 55 but with 1 "extra" slot that MUST be taken by a QB - this would put 4 QB's on the roster if a team normally keeps 3 QB's. 3 QB's on the roster if the team keeps 2 (but many teams only keep 2) 
2.) The QB would be a "developmental QB" that could workout in OTA's and play in pre-season. But could not play during the season unless the previous 2 (or 3) QB's on the roster have gone on IR 
3.) You could set a fixed salary for the job (vet minimum maybe? or something lower perhaps?) that does not count against the cap 
4.) Set something like a max of "x" years that the QB could be set in the slot. 3 years sounds good to me right now. 
5.) Veterans who were on a roster are not eligible to be placed there (to avoid teams hiding quality QB's in that spot) 
6.) The player cannot be lured away (like practice squad players could) and signed by another team during the year. But could "re-up" each year with the same team for the same spot. Or the team could sign the player (like a RFA) and if that was the case, they couldn't put them in the developmental slot. 

So this is a modified "practice squad" type of spot. But this way, it helps develop a young QB. The QB's spot is "protected" somewhat. The team gets to groom a young QB. 

What do you think guys? 

I'm sure its not perfect but I think if we can get some good suggestions and modifications we could do something that is workable. 

P.S. = I also added 2 more roster spots b/c its clear that many teams (including our Redskins) could use an extra 2 bodies on the sidelines.