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TNF: Jets vs Browns GDT The Battle of the light weights.


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  1. 1. Browns vs Jets

  2. 2. How many Ints for Darnold?

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In what is one of the least anticipated games of the year the Jets go to Ohio to face the Browns. 

From a football perspective Darnold had a high rate of turnovers in college and the Browns defense is leading the league in take aways, Same is preparing on a short week, how will this go for him? 

What are you most excited about in this game?

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5 minutes ago, N4L said:

The NFL gave the browns a home Thursday night game against the Jets after giving them the Steelers and saints ... Feels like the NFL had this game penciled in as the browns first win when they made the schedule

the is an ancient Celeveland proverb, "you can throw a dawg a bone, but hue Jackson is still the coach"

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Just now, El ramster said:

Weren’t you switching teams in the Off season? 

Why do you love pain so much? 

I did for the  post season. but you guys sucked in the post season, 1 and done. So thanks a lot. 

I will most likey come back to the Rams in the post season, you guys are my nfl piece on the side. 

the Browns are my GF that beats me up, spits on me, has children to other men that i pay for etc..... 

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10 minutes ago, PapaShogun said:

Any game where the Jets, Browns, or Bills have to play each other is difficult to get excited about. Hopefully this is a good game. I like the Browns to win here.

Hey you never know. Last year everyone (including myself) thought the Rams/49ers game was going to be a complete joke but it turned out to be one of the best games of the year. 

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