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Official TAST - This A'int Steelers Talk Thread

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10 hours ago, warfelg said:



I got some of my own news:

Yesterday, I graduated UVA with my masters, one I will likely never use, and I’m up to be nominated as a member of the PGA next week!

Maybe you'll be the 1st with a Masters to play at the Masters. Awesome job Dude!

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watching the bears/rams game. Mcvey once again is abandoning  the running game, so as long as he does that, they don't win many playoff games. Bears D is solid in all phases, much different than ours.  

Ravens could have won if they had a QB, Dallas winning and the Bears are keeping the rams in check.  Top tier D that gets pressure with 4 has a chance in this league. Steelers have to blitz -> Fail  vs legit teams.  Why not follow what works and get the players to make that happen?

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4 hours ago, warfelg said:

Definite TAST topic:

Perfume/Cologne commercials are the biggest nonsensical things in the world. 

you watch commercials?  This is where mute, or other ways intervene to stop the nonsense. If you watch online, get am ouse that reaches the sofa. 

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2 minutes ago, JLambert58 said:

Didn't watch the whole game but their pass rush looked pretty good from what I saw. 

I just watch maybe half the game in fragments.  Carolina had good defensive play and if they had a QB they would have probably won.  I don't know what happened to the saints, maybe they peaked several weeks ago.

I'm looking forward to this game more than the pats game because the saints are in many circles the SB favourite and it's in their stadium.  This could be a statement game if ours OC lets the OL and the running game get going. 

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