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Week 3 - Rams vs Chargers - Battle of LA

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Good game for the Rams today. It was nice to see us comfortably in the lead for the whole game against a capable team in the Chargers. Phillip Rivers is a good QB and this was our best opponent so far. Beating them by 2 TDs is a big accomplishment IMO and further solidifies us as the team to beat in the NFL right now. 

Our offense looked amazing. We scored fairly easily, never seemed to need to put in too much effort to move down the field, and got good games out of a variety of players. Kupp had a great TD, Goff played a really damn good game, Woods made some nice plays and scored, Gurley was a beast as always. 

The defense could have done better I guess, but I'm not concerned. Chargers have a good offense, we didn't give up a crazy amount of points, and our defense never needed a big stop since we were always ahead. Suh had a nice sack in the game. 

My biggest concern is just the health of Peters and Talib, hopefully they get well soon or at least in time for playoffs in the worst case scenario. Luckily I think our team is talented enough (and Wade Phillips is smart enough) that we can find ways to win despite their loss, but without both starting stud corners, we are going to be thin in the secondary. Teams will just avoid our D-line by passing it all over us. 

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8 minutes ago, Car_Ramrod said:

With this short week and a 2 game lead in the division I hope we don’t rush Peters/Talib back. 

Our offense continues to be absolutely amazing, I love it.

I agree we shouldn't rush them back. Team health should be top priority in preparation for the playoffs. Having said that, Thielen & Diggs are gonna feast on our CBs on Thursday...

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