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Who will have a better career, Ryan vs Rivers


Who will have a better career, Ryan vs Rivers  

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  1. 1. Who will have a better career, Ryan vs Rivers

    • Philip Rivers
    • Matt Ryan

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  • 4 weeks later...

Rivers is my man.. I think he still has time to get that ring which will cement him as a HOFer. He can play another 3 years after this provided he stays healthy.

He would have at least 1 ring had he played for most other franchises.. Unfortunately he got stuck with Chargers ownership and he's too loyal to look anywhere else.

Ryan is a very good QB though, he's the 2nd best QB without a ring after Rivers.


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On 9/19/2018 at 5:50 PM, Malik said:

Ryan already has an MVP and a Super Bowl appearance to his name. Unless Rivers does that in the next 2 seasons it's pretty much said and done that he'll never do it in his career. He's the better QB between the 2 though.

I would say this. Not sure i agree with the 2 year part though. I think Rivers is a Peyton, Brady and Brees type of longevity guy. I think he can play at a high level til 40-41 if he wants. Unlike Brady and Brees, not sure if he wants to. I think he said something about not playing at the age of 45.


With todays NFL and the QB rules, i think we will see more of these bigger body, pocket passers who dont depend on athleticism play a longer extended career. Rivers has been durable and surprisingly looks to be playing younger. Ive even seen him play much better out of the pocket and look more mobile (not saying much as he used to look like a giraffe on skates). He has the best passer rating when flushed outside the pocket. Ironically, Ryan is 2nd. 


"According to ESPN, the 36-year-old has the league’s best quarterback rating when flushed outside the pocket. It’s not even close. Number 17’s rating is 147.9 while Matt Ryan is second at 118.3."


Ryan does have the MVP and superbowl app, he is also younger,  has alot of talent around him. I think he will also play to a later age, which will get the stats up. 

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4 minutes ago, rich homie said:

Are you implying that Rivers should have more MVPs than Ryan or that Ryan didn't deserve his mVP?

I’m saying I would view Ryan the same if he finished 2nd or 3rd instead of first in the voting that year.  He’s the same player with the same numbers regardless of how the media votes.

And vice versa had Rivers won an MVP in his prime.

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