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Does the NFL need to do a better job spreading Sunday’s games?


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As a fan of no team who likes to watch good games, I would be happy if there were a few more slots. Often there are two good games at the early slot.


But I'm OK with how it is as well. 5 games Is plenty. Plus I get the extra mnf game in week 1, the 2 Saturday games in week 15 or 16, the 3 games on thanksgiving, and 2 or 3 earlier London games. 

So it averages out to an extra half game per week over the season. 


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6 minutes ago, Acgott said:

It’s a network issue, they want more eyes on their bigger games. Creates better ratings and more money.

I always felt the opposite - that the nfl does surprisingly little to put their big games in the main slots.


Tnf games are often ones you can see the moment they are announced won't be great. Mnf games as well often seem to be so random. In general many of the prime time games aren't the ones everyone is talking about and while later in the season that can be understandable to some extent, in the early weeks, when hype is still largely based of previous season records, it wouldn't be hard to find the biggest game and put it in a prime time slot (eg packers vikes was a far more obvious choice for a Sunday night game than packers bears). 


They also very rarely change the snf game later in the season. Very often there are better options for the slot. 

I remember a few years ago after the seahawsks superbowl, neither the afc c rematch of broncos pats nor the superbowl rematch of broncos seahawks made prime time.  

Broncos made other games on prime time that year, as did pats and hawks, but those rematches were as big as the nfl had at that time. They overlooked them. 


Not that it's all bad. Sometimes some of these random choices turns out quite good and I'm glad I got to see the whole game. Packers bears being a good example (this year and also the one in 2013 when mcowan won in green Bay) 

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