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Taysom Hill

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On 10/28/2018 at 10:56 PM, Dome said:


Taytay punted 3 times in college. He has the ability. 

It’ll happen. Catching someone off guard on a 4th and nobody to return.

I can see it now. NFC championship game. One minute left in the 4th and we're nursing a lead. Taysom lines up shotgun on the 50 yard line and they think we're going for it. Nope, Taysom punts and skies one! Kirkwood or Carr or somebody plants at the 1 yard line, looks up and catches the ball and Zach says "Well, they have to go 99 yards, do you think they can do it?" and Deuce goes "Who cares? We're up by 7 touchdowns!"

and all week long the ESPN talking heads are beside themselves over the arrogance of Sean Payton, who surprise-punted with his 3rd string QB in the NFC Championship game with a 49 point lead just to show off.

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