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Another Hurdle to Pass. A Week 4 GDT


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I am so ready for Sunday. I really feel like we can win this game and get back to .500. The Packers suffered a lot of injuries against the Redskins which is unfortunate but benefits us.

Obviously Rodgers is still there and can win any game but I feel like we've got a real shot. I wish this game was in Buffalo but I still confident that we'll give this game a real go.


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48 minutes ago, Trentwannabe said:

Bills 19 - McCoy touchdown run, Zay Jones TD reception, field goal, Hughes gets a Safety

Packers 13 - Allison gets a TD reception, two field goals.


Micah Hyde gets a game sealing INT with .30 left in the 4th.

Honestly forgot about Zay Jones. I love the optimism, hopefully the Bills can keep it going. 

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The only chance the bills have in winning this game is to do what they did to Kirk pressure the crap out of Rodgers, if they cant do that then he is going to pick the bills dbs apart with his precision passing and the weapons he has. Need Milano and Edmunds to step up and shut Jimmy Graham down this week he is going to be a key piece this sunday. Bills do that on defense then just no stupid mistakes on offense by turning the ball over. If Allen can continue to move the chains then they wont put the defense in a bad situation either. This is going to be a tough battle but looking in to October it seems to be a good situation for the bills. if they some how pull out a win they can go 3-1 in October and be in a good situation

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I'll be at this game Sunday, driving up from Chicago Saturday night! The Bills are 4-0 in games I've gone to so lets hope we can get another W!


Our defense has allowed 9 points in the last 6 quarters and 6 of those points were in garbage time last week. 

The packers offense hasn't been great and seems banged up, especially with Aaron Rodgers having that leg injury. I think it's a torn MCL or slight ACL but we won't find out until after the season I'm guessing. If we can get to him like we did Cousins last week we really have a shot. I fully expect Tre White to lock down and shadow Davante Adams which should limit the Packers offense.

On offense, Josh Allen is going against a inferior defense he faced last week but is also an inexperienced rookie so who knows what we're going to get. Bills fans can only hope he keeps improving and looks like the rookie of the year.

I think it's going to be lower scoring than most think.

24-17 Packers but it wouldn't surprise me if the Bills play good D and steal this game.


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QB sack rules have been edited...as they should have. Matthews won't be playing timid but our OL probably will be. I see this as another tough road challenge. Last week's game got out of hand quick for the Vikings, which made their offense one-dimensional...benefiting us. We likely won't see such a lopsided game in our favor this week. I don't think they'll run the ball on us, but I suspect we will struggle to limit the passing attack. Graham, Adams, and Cobb combined will put pressure on our backfield. I don't think we have the pieces to control all three of them. Still, I think we will get to Rodgers and I think we'll do enough damage ourselves through the air to keep things close. If we can win the turnover battle, I think we can upset them. Unfortunately, I think we end up being -1 in turnovers this Sunday. This feels like a loss where we play well enough to earn a little more respect from the rest of the league.

Bills 17

Packers 20

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3 hours ago, bigbadbuff23835 said:

A win tomorrow and my hopes will be at an all time high.

I’m gonna say something that is going to sound incredibly baseless, and stupid. Unbelievable really, but here it goes. BOLD PREDICTION ALERT. Kelvin Benjamin has a monster game and goes over 100 yards with MULTIPLE touchdowns.


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8 hours ago, Trentwannabe said:

Things I want to see tomorrow:

1. McCoy rushed for 100+ yards
2. Defense continue getting pressure from front 4
3. Josh Allen connect on a deep ball to Foster
4. Micah Hyde INT
5. Win.

Things I want to see tomorrow

1. McCoy rush for 200 yards and 3 TDs

2. Defense pitch a shut out with 8 sacks

3. Josh Allen throw for 550 yards and 7 TDs

4. Bills nab Rodgers with 4 INTs

5. Bills win 70-0

Let's go!

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