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On 10/10/2021 at 1:40 AM, Forge said:

It's amazing how much mileage they've gotten on this. I loved the show and the movies are a nice way to just sort of check in

Psych is a great show, and the ending was perfect.   Usually these "reunion" type movies/shows dont go well....but theyve done well continuing it without taking away from how it ended...and thats mainly due to the writing and chemistry between James Roday and Dule Hill.

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12 hours ago, Ty21 said:

Honestly if That 90’s Show could reprise like even half of the main actors from That 70’s Show (outside of Hyde obviously, although it’d be totally believable just to say he’s in prison in the show lol) I’d be all for it. But if it’s just a 175 year old looking Kurtwood Smith and Kitty Forman with a whole new cast idk if it’ll hit. 

If it’s about the grand daughter you think they would bring back Eric and Donna.

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5 minutes ago, Deadpulse said:

close your eyes and Robin Williams is alive. Holy ISH

When he's trying to get back into character after the John Belushi news, I nearly started tearing up - the look, the sound, the mannerisms, the pain in his voice - that was Robin Williams.

This movie needs to happen. I need to see this.

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1 hour ago, ET80 said:

HOLY HELL... he nailed it, Jamie Costa NAILED it.

That is unreal. That may be the best celebrity impersonation I've ever seen.

Please, some studio give this man a leading role in a Robin Williams biopic.

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15 minutes ago, MikeT14 said:

What was this for? Were they working on something and it didn't happen?

I don't know - it popped up on my Facebook feed, and I haven't been able to stop sharing it.

I'm hoping this goes viral and gets this movie made (sort of like how Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool was born into existence). This actor has Robin Williams dialed in - it can't be anyone else.

Make it go viral...

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