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Titans Roster Moves ( updated: Logan Ryan to IR. Durden to 53, President to Practice Squad)


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1 minute ago, TwoToneBlue said:

He played the whole game, didn’t he?

And we haven’t had practice yet this week. 

Just went back and watched on gamepass, he was on the field for the final offensive snap and didn't get hurt during it, and wasn't in on the punt so couldn't have got hurt there either. Not sure what happened.

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Earlier in the week, JRob said they were exploring multiple options at WR, when asked about Dez.  He did emphasize finding a good fit, but that move wouldn't be made this week.

Dez is now saying he'll be signing with a team shortly.  While the Browns have remained interested, he's turned them down... not sure if the move from Taylor to the rook, in addition to the trade of Gordon, has changed his mind... but at least there's the dots to also connect him and TN.  

At this point I don't know.  We haven't had the best luck with vet WRs, and Dez looks like he's lost a lot of the athleticism that made him good earlier in his career.  I also think his lockerroom cancer thing is overplayed, and we have the lockerroom where it wouldn't be a big deal (led by Lewan and Vrabel).  It's not like I really want Dez or think he'll be some kinda savior... but I just have no trust in the receiving corps behind Davis and Taylor (and even Taylor remains a bit of question mark , eventhough I feel much better about him now than I did 3 weeks ago).  I think Dez could take a lot of those routes that Walker and Matthews are leaving behind... the possession receiver role... 



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And just to compare Dez and Matthews... 

in the past two seasons

Bryant - 29 games, 228 targets, 119 receptions, 1634 yards, 13.7 ypr, 14 TDs

Rishard - 30 games, 195 targets, 118 receptions, 1740 yards, 14.7 ypr, 13 TDs

Most of us outside Dallas, and even some there don't believe Dak is a good QB.  "But some of this stems from Prescott's passes. PFF deemed 40 of Prescott's 112 targets of Bryant uncatchable. And the receiver's batted down several other near-interceptions from the defensive backs guarding him... Some attribute the dropoff to a lack of chemistry between Bryant and quarterback Dak Prescott." 

As far as drops, "when it comes to literal passes dropped, the sun glare at AT&T Stadium remains a factor."  PFF had him 2nd in the league in 2017 with 9 drops (other sites range from 5-10)... but he wasn't close to the worst when it comes to drop percentage... of notable receivers, OBJ was at 19.35%, Cooper was at 19.23%... much higher than Dez' 12.5.  DThomas (10.98), KAllen (9.28), and JJones (8.83) were other high tier players on that list.  The year before, Dez' drop % was 3.85...


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