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Jared Goff vs Russell Wilson


Jared Goff vs Russell Wilson  

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  1. 1. Jared Goff vs Russell Wilson

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Oh jesus christ. Threads like this are all about timing.

"Let's talk about X player after he had a good game on national TV vs another". I still remember Kaep vs Rodgers threads appearing..........

Do better people.

edit: Sorry I couldn't add to "the conversation".

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I look at the blocking in front of Goff, and I look at the blocking in front of Wilson.

I also see some difference in the level of playcalling and scheming.

I also see what Wilson has done the last couple of years and compare it with how Goff suddenly was elevated immensely by a new coach.

I give the edge to Wilson. If we remove McVay from the equation and give Goff a worse oline and he still performs, we can talk about it.

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Goff is in the perfect situation. He's in a comfortable mansion.

Wilson is in a pretty bad situation. He's homeless in the Bakara Market. 

The fact that Wilson can still make a team tick is slightly more impressive, for me. 


Who will have better career? Hmm. Well, Wilson has already had a good one. I can't see him going to another SB, but you could say Goff may reach one very soon. I'd say this is quite even too, slight edge Wilson again.

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Wilson across the board, except higher potential, which is a push in my eyes as they both have what it takes to be truly elite QBs. Regardless of position I will probably always take the man in his prime who has done it over 6+ years than the guy who has done it 1 1/4 years. Admittedly a conservative approach, but I definitely value the proven commodities in the NFL which Wilson absolutely is. He has shown he can still be great when his supporting cast is not, he has shown he can win big games in the face of adversity, he has thrived in a variety of offenses.



and FWIW, my answer would be the same if the question was Wilson vs Wentz or Wilson vs Mahomes.


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