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D82's 2018 7 Round Mock Draft v.3.0. **UPDATE**

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22 hours ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

Ronald Jones in round 5 is a joke or something, right? o.O

We're what, 9 months away from the draft?  Anything can happen.

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If there isn't an obvious franchise QB we can grab than Landry would be ideal. We lack a full blown elite #1 pass rusher.

Next couple rounds are solid, although we really need interior help (possibly both OG spots). Unless we grab a guy or two in FA, have to imagine we target one in rd 3 or 4 if that's how it went. Need a RT after this year so I'm cool with Brown.

If this is how it ends up we better have gotten a guy like Alex Smith or something as a stopgap QB in FA. Can't afford to have another year or Bortles unless something drastically changes once the reg. season hits.

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Pretty good draft based on positions for the Steelers.

Wont comment on the players since so much will change between now and the end of the college season.

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On 17/08/2017 at 2:46 AM, Its A Sabotage said:

qb makes the most sense and lamar is the best in the draft so good pick

You misspelt Josh Allen.

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1 hour ago, Hunter2_1 said:

You misspelt Josh Allen.

why would the best qb be someone who can't read defenses doesn't make the team better around him has turnovers against the only 'real' competition he faces and has poor pocket awareness 

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Just now, Its A Sabotage said:

why would the best qb be someone who can't read defenses doesn't make the team better around him has turnovers against the only 'real' competition he faces and has poor pocket awareness 

I've never seen a single snap from either of them. I don't watch college football and I don't know what I'm talking about. I just saw a great pass from him once...:P:D

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Laundry and brown work for the jags. Id go Billy Price in round 3 as we really need 2 new guards. Round 4 seems good as we need a qb so falk could be an answer. Round 5 Id look at balladge,  Ronald Jones and mccray. Mccray is the pick i make so we maybe get our lbs corps sorted out. Round 6 Id look at ed Paris as we need something at corner. Round 7 I go with lacouture and Sean chandler.  Speculation on the bowanko trade likely gives. Us their 7th or 6th. Pick was undisclosed. Tho


Edit: apparently we get their 2019 7th

Edited by LinderFournette

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According to Tony Pauline NFL scouts have Rudolph in  the 4th/5th round range, I have him in the third and I'm being generous. First overall pick? Yikes. Too many glaring holes in his game.

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Love the 7 rounder.


2 OTs and a center in the first three rounds, plus a possible replacement for Minter if he bolts.  Not sure the team can afford him with Burfict just signing his extension.


Baker Mayfield would be a clone of McCarron if he leaves.  Simmie Cobbs looked better than a fifth round pick, but if he makes it that far, why not, even though we are extremely deep at WR  (Green, LaFell, Boyd, Ross, Malone, Erickson, Core) and all are signed at least through next year.  The last five listed are all first or second year players.

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On 9/6/2017 at 3:30 PM, Hunter2_1 said:

I've never seen a single snap from either of them. I don't watch college football and I don't know what I'm talking about. I just saw a great pass from him once...:P:D

I watched them both Allen's got the physical tools to be dominate but for whatever reason he doesnt. 

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1 hour ago, LinderFournette said:

I watched them both Allen's got the physical tools to be dominate but for whatever reason he doesnt. 

Lack of a football IQ?

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9 hours ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Lack of a football IQ?

no. for whatever reason he cant seem to complete even 60 percent of his passes and throws as many ints as Bortles does.  i think its partly because Wyomings wrs cant seperate so you get a decent amount of those 50-50 balls but i also think he tends to believe he can fit in smaller windows then he can cuz of his arm strength

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You do have a lot of guys I have on my mock 7 rounder, not sure if that is a coincidence though....  Here are a few thoughts...




1. New York Jets: Mason Rudolph QB, Oklahoma State I like him a lot, he is super underrated but I doubt he is picked this high.  Could end up being a very good pro though, will see.  

3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Harold Landry DE/OLB, Boston College He is a very good player but this high of pick, I do not think so, he is not that special of an athlete to be picked this high I feel.

4. Los Angeles Rams: Derwin James S, Florida State I have him as the #1 pick right now, is very special at safety and quite rare as a prospect.  

5. Cleveland Browns: Saquon Barkley RB, Penn State After this year I think it will be very hard to not have him be a top 3 pick.

8. Miami Dolphins: Arden Key DE, LSU  I had him 1st overall in the summer, but him being gone and now injured / not playing is troubling, hopefully he can round back into form.

13. Los Angeles Chargers: Iman Marshall CB, USC Good player, just not sure how great he is yet, could argue Jack Jones already has more upside and potential than Marshall does.

14. Minnesota Vikings: Christian Wilkins DT, Clemson No way he drops this far, kid is a monster tackle and could play 3/4 DE and dominate or 4/3 DT and do very well, super looking prospect and top 5 pick.  

16. Buffalo Bills: Lamar Jackson QB, Louisville I agree will be very hard to pass on in the 1st round if he comes out.

20. Seattle Seahawks: Jerome Baker OLB, Ohio State Agree, super star linebacker and a very impressive athlete, good in coverage as well.  

25. Tennessee Titans: Josh Sweat DE/OLB, Florida State Does not show 1st round ability I do not think, Burns is a much better prospect overall and more elite than he is.  

29. Green Bay Packers: Kevin Tolliver CB, LSU  Might have the talent for this but right now no way he is a 1st round talent.  I was honestly disappointed in his play last year and thought Jackson outplayed him multiple games.

31. Oakland Raiders: Rashaan Evans ILB, Alabama Hopefully he can get to that point but so far has not played great this year and even has got injured, needs to really pick up his production and prove his potential is not just that potential.


33. New York Jets: Carlton Davis CB, Auburn  Agree, could be a 1st round talent, great tackler as a corner, very physical and impressive athlete.

35. Jacksonville Jaguars: Orlando Brown OT, Oklahoma  This is nuts, kid is the best offensive tackle in the country.  No way he drops to the 2nd round, he is legit and is better than any other in my book in the up coming draft.  

36. Buffalo Bills (via LA Rams): Quenton Meeks CB, Stanford I had him high as well but he has disappointed a little this year compared to what he did last year.  

43. Cleveland Browns (via HOU): Deon Cain WR, Clemson I honestly do not think he is really that great of a receiver, a lot of questions in his game.

44. Los Angeles Chargers: Trey Adams OT, Washington I had him a lot higher but also have him drop after a rough start to the season.

46. Indianapolis Colts: Clelin Ferrell DE/OLB, Clemson Kid is a 1st round defensive end I think, really nice looking pass rusher.  

55. Kansas City Chiefs: Da’Ron Payne DT, Alabama Seriously doubt he drops out of the 1st round, very special DT talent potentially.

56. Arizona Cardinals: Nick Fitzgerald QB, Mississippi State This high of pick for a very limited passer, that would be a surprise.  


65. New York Jets: Toby Weathersby OT, LSU  I would be very surprised if he can out of school early, not sure he is ready for that at all

67. Jacksonville Jaguars: Troy Fumagalli TE, Wisconsin  I have him as a 2nd round talent right now, very good route runner with great hands, is the absolute main weapon pass catching in that offense.

76. New Orleans Saints: Anthony Averett CB, Alabama Seriously doubt he is a 3rd round talent, could be drafted but not this high.

80. Indianapolis Colts: Jack Cichy ILB, Wisconsin  With the injury and being gone all season, I doubt he comes out for the draft he most likely will get a medical redshirt year potentially.  

89. Tennessee Titans: Josey Jewell ILB, Iowa  Kid is a 1st round talent if he keeps up his current level of play, very promising inside backer and could play in a 4/3 or 3/4.  

97. Arizona Cardinals (comp): Mike Gesicki TE, Penn State  This is nuts, kid is a super star tight end and a outstanding athlete.  Sure fire 1st round pick, no way he drops this far, oh he cannot block neither can a lot of tight ends coming out these days.

98. Houston Texans (comp): Quin Blanding S, Virginia  He has first round ability all the way, could slip to the 2nd maybe but no way the 3rd.  

100. Cincinnati Bengals (comp): Brock Rubie OT, Florida State  Kid does not even start right, and he is a 3rd round pick?  Nuts, he has been crazy disappointing in my book.  

112. Cleveland Browns (via CAR): Skai Moore OLB, South Carolina Maybe if people are afraid of the injury, but talent wise he is a 2nd round if not a 1st rounder.

132. Dallas Cowboys: Dallas Goedert TE, South Dakota State  Would be very surprised to see him drop this far, is a very interesting looking prospect.  


138. New York Jets: Nick Linder C, Miami  Left Miami, transferring to another school, believe that shows he is not going out for the draft.  

148. Carolina Panthers: Donnie Miles S, North Carolina He is drafted and his teammate MJ Stewart is not?  That would be a shock.

158. Baltimore Ravens: Marvin Saunders TE, Florida State Really doubt he comes out early as a RS JR, especially considering he has not done a lot on the field.

160. Cleveland Browns (via KC): Damon Webb S, Ohio State  Having a very bad season I think, might not even be drafted but will see.  

162. Tennessee Titans: Charles Nelson CB, Oregon Could get drafted but overall with that switch to WR his career has been disappointing, wish he would have stayed at corner all the time.

165. Detroit Lions: Deebo Samuel WR, South Carolina With how good he has started the year, no way he drops this low with the talent he has.  


183. Chicago Bears: Drue Tranquill S, Notre Dame  Has moved to linebacker and I assume he sticks at linebacker in the NFL.  Very interesting talent and should have a great year.  

186. Cleveland Browns: Jester Weah WR, Pittsburgh I would be very surprised if he is not drafted, great talent, I agree and interesting later round prospect.  

187. Cincinnati Bengals: Baker Mayfield QB, Oklahoma  This is crazy low for him, especially considering what he might end up doing this senior year, at worst he is a 3rd or 2nd round pick, could play himself into being a 1st rounder though.  

212. Dallas Cowboys (comp): Kyle Allen QB, Houston  I had him come out to but he is a redshirt junior and really should not come out for the draft this year.  


236. Minnesota Vikings: Gaelin Elmore DE, East Carolina  You have this as well?  Surprised I had this listed on mine, he is a big talent and super long, will see if he will be drafted.

253. Oakland Raiders: Ryan Burns QB, Stanford  Doubt he is drafted, does not even start on Stanford, nice talent but most likely a undrafted guy.  




Guys missing......  Tried to include just seniors or more elite players, not sure which juniors you assume declare but usually all the best ones declare all the time.


*Darius Jackson Jacksonville SR OLB - Probably a 2nd round pick if not 1st with a great year, one of the best 3/4 OLB prospects around.

*Jaylen Samuels NC State WR/RB SR - Super talented and potentially elite third down back in the NFL with WR skills, or could play WR as well.

*Corbin Kaufusi BYU DE RS SOPH - Freak show athlete, really like his potential and he is a giant.  

*Equanimeous St. Brown Notre Dame WR JR - Not sure you have him declare but kid is arguably one of the most skilled receivers in the nation, great fundamentals and size.

*DJ Reed Kansas State JR - Super star corner, one of the best in the nation easily.

*Koron Crump Arizona State OLB SR - Quick twitch athlete, be surprised if he is not drafted.  

*Marcus Davenport UTSA OLB SR - Love his length, has a ton of upside.

*Marcus Baugh Ohio State TE SR - Physically really like his strength and power for a tight end.  

*Shamire Devine Georgia Tech OG RS SR - Guy should be drafted, massive man and playing well so far this season. 

*Wyatt Teller Virginia Tech OG RS SR - Good tough guard, be surprised to not see him picked.

Kudos doing the team selections, then again did not look to see how exact you followed that team selection.  It is more important where players go anyway in terms of projecting rounds...




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On 9/5/2017 at 4:21 PM, Desperado82 said:

I mean...stranger things have happened.

In all honesty, it's tough to slot certain players in each round.

I must say the more I look at this the more I am extremely curious.  Mind expanding on any of these players and why they would be drafted where they are?  My thread and ranking mock draft has been closed on here because there are not teams listed.  Yet I do greatly believe you used my original rankings posted and updated in July in the old forum to create your 7 rounds here, changed around of course and a few players added or removed....  If not that is awesome!  Maybe we just really think a like!  But again care to expand on information on any of these guys?  Also these are just the later round guys not even including the earlier round guys....


159. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Aaron Cochran OT, Oklahoma State

162. Tennessee Titans: Charles Nelson CB, Oregon

163. Pittsburgh Steelers: Duke McGhee S, Minnesota 

167. New England Patriots: Tyler Howell OT, Missouri 

169. New York Jets (via DAL): Jackson Dillon DE/OLB, Memphis

174. Pittsburgh Steelers (comp): Rick Leonard DE/DT, Florida State

180. San Francisco 49ers: Alex Officer C, Pittsburgh 

179. New York Jets: Richie James WR, Middle Tennessee

183. Chicago Bears: Drue Tranquill S, Notre Dame 

188. Carolina Panthers: Ethan Wolfe TE, Tennessee 

189. Houston Texans: Jalen Davis CB, Utah State

190. Los Angeles Chargers: Nyles Morgan ILB, Notre Dame 

191. New Orleans Saints: James Hearns DE/OLB, Louisville

192. Los Angeles Rams (via BUF): DaeSean Hamilton WR, Penn State

193. Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Miller WR, Memphis 

194. Indianapolis Colts: Brandon Ray OG, Western Kentucky 

195. Denver Broncos: Dee Delany CB, Miami 

196. New York Giants: Ian Bunting TE, Michigan 

197. Philadelphia Eagles: Andrew Motuapuaka ILB, Virginia Tech

198. Oakland Raiders (via SEA): Demetrius Cooper DE, Michigan State

201. Kansas City Chiefs: Kenny Hill QB, BYU

202. Kansas City Chiefs (via ARI): Dimitir Flowers FB, Oklahoma 

203. Tennessee Titans: Will Geary DE/DT, Kansas State

205. Atlanta Falcons: Nick DeLuca ILB, North Dakota State 

208. New England Patriots: Wilton Speight QB, Michigan 

210. Dallas Cowboys: Greg Stroman CB, Virginia Tech 

211. Green Bay Packers (comp): Ed Paris CB, LSU

212. Dallas Cowboys (comp): Kyle Allen QB, Houston

213. Oakland Raiders (comp): R.J. Prince OG, North Carolina

214. Houston Texans (comp): Nathan Marcus TE, Vanderbilt 

216. Houston Texans (comp): Emmanuel Porter WR, TCU 

217. Green Bay Packers (comp): Jonathan Cook S, Memphis 

219. Oakland Raiders (comp): Robert Foster WR, Alabama

220. Minnesota Vikings (comp): Jaylen Dunlap CB, Illinois 

221. Oakland Raiders (comp): Ralph Webb RB, Vanderbilt 

224. San Francisco 49ers: Nick Thurman DE, Houston 

225. Jacksonville Jaguars: Junior Joseph ILB, Connecticut 

226. Los Angeles Rams: Jeb Blazevich TE, Georgia 

227. Washington Redskins: Jesse Ertz WR, Kansas State

228. Miami Dolphins: Michael Gallup WR, Colorado State 

231. Jacksonville Jaguars (via CIN): David Bright OG, Stanford 

232. Houston Texans: D.J. Calhoun ILB, Arizona State 

233. Los Angeles Chargers: Jeremy Smith RB, Louisville 

234. New Orleans Saints: Christian LaCouture DT, LSU

236. Minnesota Vikings: Gaelin Elmore DE, East Carolina

237. Indianapolis Colts: D’Cota Dixon S, Wisconsin

239. New York Giants: Austin Proehl WR, North Carolina

240. Seattle Seahawks (via PHI): KJ Malone OG, LSU

241. Denver Broncos: Ja’Whaun Bentley DE/OLB, Purdue 

242. Seattle Seahawks: Khalid Hill FB, Michigan 

243. Los Angeles Rams (via BAL): Sean Chandler CB, Temple 

244. Miami Dolphins (via TB): Allen Lazard WR, Iowa State

245. San Francisco 49ers (via KC): Chase Edmonds RB, Fordham 

247. Tennessee Titans: Cam Sims WR, Alabama 

250. Detroit Lions: Chris Frey OLB, Michigan State

251. Green Bay Packers: Matt Linehan QB, Idaho 

252. Cincinnati Bengals (via NE): Frank Herron DT, LSU 

253. Oakland Raiders: Ryan Burns QB, Stanford 

257. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (comp): Steven Dunbar WR, Houston

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