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jolly red giant

GDT Week 4: KC @ DEN

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On 10/7/2018 at 8:22 AM, lomaxgrUK said:

I want to try and reduce the picture size, that's for sure. I do actually make many of my points without the "Give-a-show" (whatever that means) projector, hence why there isn't a picture for every bullet point

Kids used to play with this 50 yrs. ago. You showed the slide pics on any wall. The cartoon pics fit on a cardboard strip - maybe 6 or 7 to a strip. You simply advance the strip by pulling or pushing the strip. Was quite enjoyable for its time.

You seem quite knowledgable. Like I stated, my eyes trying to follow your posts. But i'm just a sojourner (not a "troll"?)- So carry on.

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