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BDL 2018 Week 4: Louisiana Jazz @ Long Beach Leprechauns


Louisiana Jazz @ Long Beach Leprechauns  

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BDL 2018 Week 4

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good Luck

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Louisiana Jazz


QB: Tom Brady
RB: Ezekiel Elliott
WR1: Michael Thomas
WR2: Sammy Watkins
WR3: Doug Baldwin
TE: Zach Ertz
LT: Russell Okung
LG: Joel Bitonio
C: Ryan Jensen
RG: Connor McGovern
RT: Riley Reiff

RB2: Alfred Morris
RB3: James White
WR4: Tyler Lockett
WR5: Ryan Grant
TE2: Virgil Green
OL6: Jared Veldheer
OL7: Brandon Fusco
OL8: Matt Skura


RDE: Jason Pierre-Paul
DT: Jurrell Casey
DT: Sheldon Richardson
LDE: Jabaal Sheard
LB: Anthony Barr
LB: Danny Trevathan
RCB: Stephon Gilmore
Slot CB: Chris Harris Jr.
SS: Micah Hyde
FS: Sean Davis
LCB: Kyle Fuller

DL5: Vinny Curry
DL6: Dee Ford
DL7: Jarran Reed
DL8: Andrew Billings
LB3: Mason Foster
CB4: Justin Coleman
CB5: Josh Jackson
S3: Patrick Chung



Long Beach Leprechauns


QB- Aaron Rodgers
RB- Christian McCaffrey
WR- DeAndre Hopkins
WR- Marvin Jones
WR- Cooper Kupp
TE- George Kittle
LT- Terron Armstead
LG- Andrew Norwell
C- Max Unger
RG- Joe Thuney
RT- Bryan Bulaga


RB- Isaiah Crowell
FB- Andy Janovich
QB- DeShone Kizer
TE- CJ Uzomah
WR- Devin Funchess
WR- Keelan Cole
OL- Charles Leno Jr
OL- Quinton Spain



LE- Cam Jordan
NT- DJ Reader
UT- Javon Hargrave
RE- Trey Flowers
SLB- De’Vondre Campbell
WLB- Jarrad Davis
CB- Trumaine Johnson
CB- Bradley Roby
Nickel- Budda Baker
FS- Tyrann Mathieu
SS- Landon Collins


DE- Preston Smith
DT- Vita Vea

DE- Sam Hubbard
DT- Deadrin Senat
LB- Joe Schobert
LB- Avery Williamson
CB- EJ Gaines
CB- Artie Burns

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Louisiana Jazz

Coming off a comeback victory against one of the best defences in the league in Ivory Coast, we feel a lot more comfortable matching up against a Long Beach defense being hobbled by injury and starting a few players who are well below standard.

Firstly, a couple of personnel changes – Doug Baldwin returns to his role in the slot, while Connor McGovern has forced his way into the starting line-up with some great play in the first three weeks.

Our strategy is going to be very focused on mixing it up and working in a lot of play action, with the aim to get the LB defense unable to commit to neither the run nor pass and as a result allow our natural advantage in the 1 on 1 matchups play out. With Thomas presumably matched up against Johnson and Watkins against Roby, it gives Brady two favourable avenues to attack on the outside. In the earlier stages we’ll look towards the passing game to our WRs in the hopes of getting some big plays downfield, forcing LB to commit extra help deep or even both.

Once we make some plays on the outside to those two and LB begins to play the pass, we’ll be able to work over the middle of the field in the short-intermediate passing game. Jarrad Davis stands out as a major weakness in the second level of that defence so we know rotating our alignments to ensure he’s isolated against one of Ertz or Baldwin will be key to getting quick and easy completions. With Baldwin not yet 100%, we’ll still be playing Lockett for a significant number of snaps and when on the field will try and emphasise getting the balls in his hands in particular when matched up with an LB or safety in the slot.

While mentioned last, the run game will feature as strongly as ever, especially as we have two mauling guards to run behind with McGovern’s inclusion. The LB interior depth isn’t great and we feel as though constantly pounding the ball will eventually lead them to tiring out or committing men forward to the LOS to prevent the run, and we know that if we get into this situation, the play action passing game will be extra effective as Brady will have a pocket he can step up into with LB’s main pass-rush coming from outside rushers and with a couple of safeties that have a propensity to cheat forward in Collins and Mathieu, will give us an opportunity to hit our WRs if they’re given 1 on 1 coverage again or our running backs and TEs as they’re able to separate from overcommitting players in coverage.

Lastly, we’ll mix in a fair bit of 5-wide shotgun plays to take advantage of LB being short at CB. We anticipate they may not even have 4 CBs who are active, half of whom in their current form should not be seeing a BDL bench, let alone the field. 


With a number of potent weapons across the field, we know we’ll have our hands full against one of the premier offenses in the BDL. Firstly, we know we need to get our coverage assignments correct.

Stephon Gilmore will be tasked with DeAndre Hopkins, a matchup he already won earlier in the season and we are comfortable he can do a job again. Fuller will take Marvin Jones, while CHJ will follow Cooper Kupp around the field and we’ll specifically make sure that no WRs are able to exploit matchups against LBs (I, unlike Mike Zimmer, will not let Barr get trapped against Kupp).

Patrick Chung if healthy will play an important role in coverage in following around Christian McCaffrey, but if inactive, then those duties will fall on Trevathan who we have the utmost confidence in being able to do so as well. If healthy, Chung figures to play about 50% of the snaps, rotating with Barr who should play the other 50. When on the field, Barr will generally have a freer role with his assignment varying from coverage to busting Rodgers’ collarbone again.

The defensive front for the most part will be tailored to the personnel that Long Beach want to run with – as Crowell & Blount, whomever plays, is more of the bruising variety and not exactly useful in the passing game, we’ll predict quite a few running plays when they’re on the field and as such will look to have Reed and Billings come onto the field and continue their destructive form against the run.

Sean Davis will be our deep centre fielder, while Hyde will be assigned to George Kittle and patrolling the short-intermediate middle of the field.




Long Beach Leprechauns

Gameplan Offense:

Pass Game:

We will be throwing the kitchen sink at the Jazz in the passing game. No route is off limits. Cooper Kupp will line up in the slot and attack the middle of the field and the seams as well as drags where he is sneaky at getting open and also will open up other areas of the field. Kittle will be used in the short to intermediate passing game as well as an additional pass blocker at times. Hopkins and Jones start outside and match combo routes with Cooper and Kittle to confuse the defense and result in some easy throwing lanes for Rodgers. McCaffrey will be the primary back and will get some opportunities on some screens this week to take advantage of an aggressive Jazz defense as well as his usual pass routes out of the backfield on the traditional swings and arrows. The Jazz like to play a lot of man coverage and Rodgers will always have at least one favorable matchup against their cover unit. If they bring Barr on additional blitzes we will have some extra opportunity to get a quick one on one matchup we like. We like our Tackles against their edge players but Kittle will be a chipper if the pressure is getting too hot.

Running Game:

McCaffrey proved last week he could pound the rock when given the chance, and he will be the primary back this game. The Jazz have a pretty good interior dline and we will cut in our zone to get McCaffrey plenty of running lanes to choose from. There will be cutback opportunities galore and we will target many runs to get to the outside where we believe we will have the advantage getting Christian out in space. We will have plenty of  plays and formations with Andy Janovich in the game as the lead hammer in two wide sets to give us extra power in front of McCaffrey to spring him for big runs. Crowell will be the primary backup, but this is McCaffrey’s load to carry this week.



  • Line up in a nickel against their 3 wide sets

  • 4-3 against their two tight and jumbo packages with Williamson coming in.

  • Hargrave and Reader get the start but there will be a lot of Vea and Reader combos at DT to clog up the Jazz running game.

  • Baker is in the slot

  • We will be playing primarily zone about 80 percent of the time. This zone consists of a mix of Cover 3 and Cover 2.

  • Trumaine shadows Mike Thomas (lines up across from him in zone, obviously if Thomas vacates his zone he doesn’t go with him mid route)

  • We will have a blitz almost every play out of zone from various positions, to attempt to bring some confusion, so there will have five men rushing 85% of the time when in zone.  

  • On an occasional linebacker blitz we will drop Flowers or Preston Smith into a shallow robber role. When it is part of the 15% we are only bringing four rushers, so it is still confusing to the offense (not every play when we are only bringing four rushers).

  • Baker will blitz on occasion, as will Landon Collins, as will all of the backers depending on the call. (Not on the same play obviously).


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This game is one of the major ones of the week imo. Tom Brady was Brady lite this week. Michael Thomas wasn’t unstoppable as he’s been so far but Brady gives him a respectable boost. Zone defenses can get picked apart by Brady and while LA brings a respectable pass rush, Brady will have his success. Ertz wasn’t mentioned by name so I think he’d finish with the best statistical numbers for Louisiana.

For Long Beach, they have one matchup proof guy in McCaffery v Louisiana. I don’t trust Chung to have success in that area. Travathan is in fact the only guy I think that will have success as Barr being matched up with him in theory works, but actual film (this year) suggests otherwise. If you can’t tell, I can see McCaffery having a monster game. Micah Hyde can do something well v Kittle but without double coverage, I think Kittle has his own. Gilmore performed well the first time v Hopkins but Watson’s first game back had a lot to do with that. Rodgers is well protected (why no one brought this up last week is how I know no one reads the writeups) and that helps a lot.

Both teams have very solid matchups, and I’ve dogged both defenses but they should have success against both QBs. Tom Brady has two vertical weapons who will play well while McCaffery could challenge for 200 all purpose yards. If Rodgers was healthy, I don’t think that combination would be enough for Louisiana to overcome. That fact and Brady having Zeke whom was also incredible is a game breaker in that regard. It what is a surprise to some, I can see Brady engineering a drive at the very end and Rodgers being unable to rescue his team in the final 30 seconds. The road team takes it here.

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I think if you blitz Brady on almost every single play, with the weapons he has, there is going to be SO much collateral damage when you don't get home. I think the Jazz have a good enough line and weapons to make that happen quite often.

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I appreciate the simpler formatting from Counselor. It's obviously extreme, but I'm much more aware of where your head's at with your strategy.

Unfortunately, I think blitzing and remaining in zone coverage with 2 and 3 deep shells is a mistake as a base defense. Quarterbacks will want to throw hot against a blitz, and 2 and 3 deep isn't going to stop that. If you're in a Cover-3, you're outside corners are dropping back to the deep zone at the snap and you have only have your slot corner/remaining linebackers to cover the curl/flat and middle zones which is pretty unreasonable. In a Cover-2 you're a bit better off but you're still exposed in the middle with only the remaining linebackers to match up against Ertz/slot receivers. If you're sending 5 or more often, you really can only expect to function out of a Cover-1 sustainably, especially if you're playing zone.

I think Brady is able to exploit the empty grass in the middle of the field all day here and he delivers a victory for Louisiana.

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The problem I dont think anyone is accounting for is that Louisiana is planning the long throw explosive plays which Counselor actually planned for. Brady can carve up a zone but with a game plan centered on feeding it deep which takes priority here?Going LB

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2 minutes ago, WFLukic said:

Huh? The goal was hit the WRs earlier then work the middle.

"In the earlier stages we’ll look towards the passing game to our WRs in the hopes of getting some big plays downfield, forcing LB to commit extra help deep or even both."

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