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BDL 2018 Week 4: Ivory Coast Black Rhinos @ Cuba Smugglers


Ivory Coast Black Rhinos @ Cuba Smugglers  

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BDL 2018 Week 4

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good Luck

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Ivory Coast Black Rhinos Lineup:

QB- Andrew Luck
RB- Marshawn Lynch
FB-  Anthony Sherman
WR- Brandin Cooks
WR-  Alshon Jeffery
TE- Vernon Davis
LT- Eric Fisher
LG- Kyle Long
C- Jason Kelce
RG- Zack Martin 
RT- Rick Wagner

QB- Marcus Mariota
RB- C.J. Anderson
RB- Jalen Richard
WR- Jarius Wright
WR-  Robby Anderson
TE- Luke Stocker
OL- Dion Dawkins
OL-  Jake Fisher


DE- Myles Garrett
DT- Da'Ron Payne
NT-  Larry Ogunjobi
DE- Khalil Mack
MLB- Wesley Woodyard
WLB- Kwon Alexander
CB- Tre'Davious White
CB- Malcolm Butler
S- Tony Jefferson
S- Earl Thomas
S- Devin McCourty


DE- Jordan Willis
DT- Maurice Hurst
 Robert Nkemdiche
NT-  Dontari Poe
MLB- Derrick Johnson
NCB- Adoree' Jackson
DCB- Cameron Sutton
S-  Justin Evans



Cuba Smugglers

QB: Kirk Cousins
RB: TJ Yeldon
H-Back: Rhett Ellison
OW: Albert Wilson
WR: Julio Jones
WR: Kelvin Benjamin
LT: Jason Peters
LG: Spencer Long
C: John Sullivan
RG: David DeCastro
RT: Rob Havenstein 

RB: Dalvin Cook
RB: Latavius Murray
WR: Jakeem Grant
WR: Brandon Marshall
WR: Donte Moncrief
TE: Ian Thomas
OL: Demar Dotson
RB: Frank Gore


ROLB: Jerry Hughes
RDE: Fletcher Cox
NT: Marcell Dareus
LDE: Calais Campbell
LOLB: Kyle Van Noy
MLB: Anthony Walker Jr.
WLB: Preston Brown
RCB: Quinton Dunbar
FS: LaMarcus Joyner
SS: Derwin James
LCB: Darqueze Dennard 

DE: Margus Hunt
NCB: Bryce Callahan
Edge: Terrell Suggs
S: Ronnie Harrison
NCB: Anthony Brown
RCB: Kenny Moore
DT: Lawrence Guy
MLB: Elandon Roberts


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Ivory Coast Black Rhinos Gameplan:

I-Formation & Single Back
-  We want to be able to establish the run and control the flow of the game, and to do so we'll split time primarily between the I formation (using Basic, Strongside and Weakside sets) with FB Anthony Sherman in to block, and the single back formation, where we'll primarily use TE Luke Stocker to replace Sherman. When we wish to spread the field a bit more, we'll take Sherman/Stocker out and utilize Jarius Wright. We trust our offensive line, plus Sherman and Davis/Stocker, to be able to pave the way for Lynch and Anderson to be able to pick up good yardage. Success with the running game will allow us to sprinkle in some playaction passes and deep shots to Brandin Cooks. Alshon Jeffery appears to be good to go this weekend, but we aren't going to feature him heavily. He'll get his opportunities, but even as a decoy he'll help open up space for the running backs. In the event that he doesn't play, Robby Anderson will take one of the starting spots.

Power Run Game- A defensive front with Fletcher Cox, Marcell Dareus, and Calais Campbell is formidable and make it challenging to run all over them. Still, with our 5 offensive linemen plus 2 additional blockers on most plays (FB + TE or TE + TE), we feel that we'll be able to get sufficient push wherever we run the ball. Up the middle runs we will use double team concepts to then roll up to the linebackers and safeties. We'll use some counters and pulls to get to the edge as well, but having a lead blocker in Sherman will allow us to focus on solidifying the line and not leave us susceptible to penetrating linemen. Cuba's strength certainly lies in their defensive line, but if we can get our running backs through, we feel we have opportunities for big plays. After establishing the running game, we feel that our rub routes and crossing patterns with the receivers and tight ends will open up even more space in the passing game.

Scheme Brandin Cooks Open- We're going to be utilizing Brandin Cooks in a variety of ways. We plan on having him be one of the two starting receivers, along with Alshon Jeffery. With Cooks, we will utilize him in a variety of crossing patterns with the other receiver and Davis/Stocker, we'll use some jet sweeps with him, and we'll be motioning him into the slot (2 WRs on one side, TE on the other). We'll also take a few deep shots to him once we have a nice rhythm established on offense. A couple of wide receiver screens if the defense is playing soft will give him some YAC chances.


4-2-5 Defense
- Our scouting report shows that Cuba likes to go 3 wide as their primary lineup, so we'll counter with a 4-2-5 look with an additional safety in Tony Jefferson playing down inside the box. We know they have an elite receiver in Julio Jones, so our emphasis will be to focus on him. When we operate in man coverage, we will have Tre'Davious White as the primary corner assigned to him. Cuba gets Dalvin Cook back this week, so we do want to be mindful of him, and will operate out of a more traditional 4-3 with Derrick Johnson coming in and Woodyard sliding to the strong side. Adoree' Jackson will be our nickel cornerback and Cam Sutton will be the dime corner.

Rotate Defensive Interior- Continuing our theme from last week, we want to rattle Kirk Cousins early by sending a few blitzes, but we are going to consistently rotate our defensive interior. Payne and Ogunjobi will get the start, but Hurst, Nkemdiche, and Poe all figure to get significant reps. By maintaining this rotation we will ensure that we still get substantially pushes up the middle late in the 4th quarter. We're going to use a variety of twists and stunts to generate penetration, which will help both against the pass as well as limit the running game. Garrett and Mack will continue to dominate the edges, preventing Cook from getting to the corner and collapsing the pocket on Cousins. 

Cover 1 Man and Cover 3 Zone-  We'll be splitting time between a man coverage scheme utilizing a cover 1 safety look from Earl Thomas being able to perform his ballhawking abilities (3 INTs through 3 games), and a cover 3 zone shell. We'll be looking at an even split of both. We don't want to rely purely on man coverage, as aside from Julio Jones they don't really possess a threat at the playmaking position, so the cover 3 zone will allow us to bait Kirk into a few bad passes that we can hopefully generate into turnovers. When we do use the cover 1 man, White will be the primary corner who will be shadowing Jones, although not exclusively, and at times will follow him in motion even on zone so as to not tip our coverage. We'll sprinkle in a few blitz packages early as well as on obvious passing downs whether in man or zone, but ultimately we want to use 7 guys in coverage and trust our defensive line to generate the necessary pass rush to force a turnover (or several). We don't want to give up any quick or easy points. 


Season hasn't gone according to plan, but we still have an opportunity to right the ship. Steady ball control on offense, with the offense relying on a power running game, allowing Andrew Luck to not have the pressure on him to win the game. We'll be utilizing Cooks in a variety of ways to get the ball in his hands, and we'll take whatever Jeffery can provide us. Sustaining drives on offense will allow our defense to stay fresher, where we will be trusting our defensive line to get the necessary pressure on the quarterback. Defensively, we'll use a 4-2-5 with Tony Jefferson down in the box, giving use more cover ability. We will be mixing in cover 1 man as well as using cover 3 zone to limit the windows of opportunities for Cousins and get more bodies in traffic.



Cuba Smugglers


We’re going to let Kirk Cousins get into a rhythm. The Vikings have allowed him to effectively play without a running game. With DeCastro returning we think his running game can be more effective than reality. It’ll be a mixed bag of touches at RB, though Yeldon will be the main beneficiary as he excels in the pass catching phase. Johnson and Alexander are both significantly stronger pass coverage players and this team in general is susceptible to being beat on the ground. If our incumbent RBs are ineffective then we’ll let Kirk use pop passes and shovel tosses where Albert Wilson and Jakeem Grant use their elite speed and nullify an elite pass rush. Tre’Davious White limits Julio’s target share to 9-12. If anyone else covers Julio, even if doubled we’re looking at around 16-18 targets (i.e. at Butler/Jackson repeatedly). Kelvin Benjamin has a significant size advantage and is due finally for a big impact as he’s let a few opportunities slip away. His target share (6-9 targets) gives him that opportunity. Finally, Kirk has gotten production from Treadwell and Aldrick Robinson in reality. Moncrief and Marshall can replicate the same type of numbers if he’s throwing 45-50 times. Rhett Ellison will continue playing the H-Back role. He’s going to lineup at TE on half his snaps but the H-Back position is a neat wrinkle of our formations and also lets us move him around. We’re going to be conniving with Albert Wilson. He’s going to play half the snaps but lineup every where. We don’t mind motioning him for screens and similar types of opportunities. His aDOT shouldn’t be more than 4 yards(hitch, flat, slant, drags). Lastly, we’ve got the three skill players(Gore, Grant, Wilson) active whom completed the trick play pass Miami scored on. If Ivory Coast fails to mention any of three players, we’re running the same play hoping Devin McCourty is caught lacking.



Obviously Sherman changes our defensive personel. Replacing him is the issue but we’re comfortable in our defensive backfield. We’ve got some guys playing extremely well in Dunbar outside and Callahan in the slot, so the main goal is now replacing the top guy. Without increasing the workload of our two studs, Darqueze Dennard will take Sherman’s spot. For Luck to consistently target him, it would require targeting him downfield which Luck has repeatedly avoided so far. 

That being said our goal is stopping Brandin Cooks. He excels at those pop passes and isn’t only a useful deep runner. We are starting a base 3-4 bc our personel is capable and this team uses 2 TE sets. Our edge guys particularly (Van Noy)look for him when he’s in motion or in the slot. We can run 4-3 seamlessly while 4-2-5 is effectively our base and allows Callahan to get reps. As we prepare to help Dennard more than Sherman, Derwin stays deep so Cooks/Jeffery aren’t isolated consistently against him. 

Our DL is built to stop the run, so even against a strong OL, it’ll be hard for Anderson and co. to consistently keep the down and distance at a reasonable rate for Luck to simply check down and keep the chains moving. We’ve got the personnel for a 3-4 look, but the 4 man fronts exemplify our talent in the trenches.  Margus Hunt is heavily featured on run downs for Hughes and passing downs for Dareus.

Jerry Hughes literally caused Cuba the game last week as he was in Cousins face early and often on Sunday. His opponent wasn’t a scrub (Riley Reiff) and he happens to be playing better than Eric Fisher was coming into this game(per PFF). Thus when Hunt moves inside, we can let Hughes continue his all pro level of play on the edge. He’ll receive about 70% of the snaps as we can rotate a handful of guys at different spaces. This may be the best interior group we’ve played thus far, but given Cox and Campbell haven’t been mentioned yet our front four force so much action that it’s difficult to execute long drives with a one dimensional offense. We are comfortable with these matchups. 

Preston Brown will return as the every down backer next to Anthony Walker Jr. who’s been reasonably effective. They’ll maintain the second line of defense with Walker Jr having more responsibility in coverage compared to Brown hovering around the LOS and used as a spy on very obvious passing situations. The multiple formations don’t significantly change their roles.

TLDR: This gameplan is pretty simple. Finding Brandin Cooks, covering him with a safety on occasions and being ready to see him move like Tyreek with Berlin. Jeffery active keeps Derwin James deep but his snap count will reflect how many snaps he’s playing deep.

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I think IC schemed this game sooooo well. And with the heat they can put on a QB, any little mistake is going to be taken advantage of by the back 7 of IC. Frogs choosing to limit Julio's target's and Cook being still very hobbled I can't see them winning this game.

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3 hours ago, Jlash said:

I think IC schemed this game sooooo well. And with the heat they can put on a QB, any little mistake is going to be taken advantage of by the back 7 of IC. Frogs choosing to limit Julio's target's and Cook being still very hobbled I can't see them winning this game.

I targeted Julio 12 times. The Falcons did the same and he finished with 9 catches for 173 yards.

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Just now, RuskieTitan said:

I would hope my defense performs slightly better than the Bengals. 

I’m glad you bring that up. Jason Peters and Rob Havenstein are no slouches. They also play the strongest part of your defense. I don’t know what other people see, but Calais Campbell/Fletcher Cox are as devestating a pair as Mack/Garrett. Marshawn Lynch his best performance of the year against your starting NT. 

I’m vastly disappointed no one is giving credit bc that trick play is definetly something you did not account for.

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6 minutes ago, MD4L said:

I’m vastly disappointed no one is giving credit bc that trick play is definetly something you did not account for.

It's fair to say I did not account for that specific play. But I'm not entirely sure it would score when I've got at least 1 man deep. Unless Earl Thomas breaks his leg during that play... :(

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19 minutes ago, RuskieTitan said:

Marshawn rushes 20 times for 130 yards yards this past weekend...


Against the browns who have a much worse defense than Cuba does, I mean you yourself admit Cuba has a formidable d-line and your game-plan to get Lynch going is fairly solid. I just don't see it working all that well. 

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I think Cuba defense seriously limits IC offense but IC pass defense is top notch. Question for me is: can Cuba take advantage in the run game of weak LBs and a light box? To me, their interior OL isn't good enough and RBs aren't special enough to compensate. IC 17-14

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