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Titans tell the truth in win over Eagles

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Titan fans, we’ve been lied to. It happened in 2006, when Vince Young scampered 39 yards to beat the Houston Texans in overtime. The Titans’s nose grew even longer seven years later, when Jake Locker hit Justin Hunter for a 34-yard touchdown, finally giving the franchise a much-needed win over the San Diego Chargers. This proved to be yet another lie.

The past 12 years have been filled with optimism, dupes, shattered hopes, and watching games through two-tone colored glasses. We wanted to believe that Vince Young’s late-game heroics and breath-taking athleticism would allow him to pull rabbits out of hats all the way to a Super Bowl. This same belief gave us hope that Jake Locker, the hard-working antithesis of VY, would overcome obvious mechanical issues and be the gun-slinger we all wanted and needed.

As this franchise has struggled to find its way in the post-McNair era, we’ve leaned on fleeting moments like these to ignore the fact that previous squads – formed by Mike Reinfeldt and Ruston Webster -- lacked talent, leadership, and adequate coaching. Sooner or later, these shortcomings reared their ugly heads, resulting in losses, high draft picks, and internal turnover.

If history is to repeat itself, the Titans 26-23 overtime win over the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles may be the greatest lie we as fans are ever told. In this game, Marcus Mariota and Corey Davis enjoyed breakout games in Matt LeFleur’s new offense, connecting 9 times for 161 yards and the winning score. In this game, Mike Vrabel successfully rolled the dice on a 4th-and-2, foregoing the opportunity to tie the game with a field goal and going for the overtime win. In this game, the Titans defense sacked Carson Wentz four times and stonewalled Philadelphia’s offense when it mattered most. In this game, “it” – everything we heard this offseason about this team being ready, equipped and tasked to take things to the next level – happened. It must be a lie.

But is it? Something feels different. Even after big wins during the Mularkey-era, the team still had obvious holes and weaknesses that kept even the wildest aspirations at bay. Mularkey would struggle in big games. Our offense couldn’t compete in a shootout. Our defense wasn’t quite there yet. All reasonable. All proven to be true.

So far this season, this Titan team has overcome their obvious holes and weaknesses. Debuting offensive tackle Tyler Marz against JJ Watt? We adjust and adapt the offense. Play Jacksonville’s vaunted defense on the road? We’ll hold their offense to even fewer points than they can hold ours to. The reigning champs – and flocks of their fans – in town? Our best players rise to the challenge, and then some.

There’s an obvious trend that’s happening with this team, one that becomes more and more evident with each game: our personnel, coaching staff, and leadership are working in complete harmony. A talented, resilient team built by a championship-obsessed Jon Robinson and buying into the modern-day winning philosophies of a modern-day winner Mike Vrabel. This team, no, franchise is growing together. Evolving together. Winning together. And, possibly, finally telling the truth.

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