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We finally cut Gillislee

Mid Iowa

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So the Saints finally cut Mike Gillislee to make room on the roster for Mark Ingram.

I have a thought, and I'd like to know what you think.

Maybe, Payton "hoped" that if we could get through the first 4 games without an injury, then we'd have fresh bodies with our other running backs, and that perhaps Gillislee was expendable this whole time. You know, if Gillislee gets injured, who cares, really. And if he doesn't get injured, well, you've got a few guys that played well in preseason that are capable of coming in at any moment, who are fresh, and who can help with a lengthy run if/when we hit the playoffs (unlike 2010 and 2011 when we ran with a skeleton crew at RB).

Just a thought.

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1 hour ago, JMG5 said:

We should've never signed him.

Should’ve kept Boston Scott on the roster. He looked absolutely fine in preseason for a guy you want just a handful of times a game to give Kamara a break

Payton overthought that move IMO

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I must say after rewatching what appears to be most of his preseason touches in this video, I think Sean Payton has made a big mistake not keeping this guy around on the active roster (Unless there is something behind the scenes we don't know about). Scott appears run well between the tackles, and possesses a surprising amount of pop behind his pads when he is taking defenders on. He also seems to make a defender miss on nearly every play, and is almost always falling forward when being tackled consistently gaining extra yardage from it. He also seems to be a capable pass catcher/kick returner for added versatility. I know a lot of comparisons have been made to Sproles on here, and I had assumed as much when looking at his measurables as I didn't know much about Scott during his college career, but he kind of reminds of Maurice Jones-Drew. Obviously he has quite a long ways to go before achieving the type of career Maurice Jones Drew did, but just from a play style/athleticism/size standpoint, Scott and Maurice Jones-Drew seem to possess quite a few similarities.  

Boston Scott is 5'6" 203lbs with a 4.40 40 time, 21 bench press reps, 38.5" vertical, 10'01" broad jump, 4.15 short shuttle, 6.67 3 cone

Maurice Jones-Drew was 5'6" 207lbs with a 4.39 40 time, 18 bench press reps, 36" vertical, 9'8" broad jump, 4.38 short shuttle, 7.08 3 cone

I hope we find a way to get Scott on the active roster before he gets snatched by another team, as I think he could turn into a pretty solid player. I don't know how much longer we are going to have Ingram on the team, but it sure would be nice to have another guy ready to go whenever we move on from Ingram.


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