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Week 5 GDT: New York Football Giants @ Carolina Panthers


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Hey guys, there is a game today. xD

Lots of good stories in this one coming off the bye.  The biggest one of course is Eric Reid, who will get the start.  With the way Bradberry (who will likely shadow Beckham as he did vs Jones and Green) and Jackson have locked down the corner position, Reid could be the final piece of the puzzle that takes our secondary to another level.  Obada will be active today too.  Does he continue his success from the Bengals game against a below average Giants OL?  Finally, the Panthers are getting back Curtis Samuel and Damier Byrd.  This is the strongest group of receivers the Panthers have had in awhile (to be fair - that isn't saying much) so it will be interesting to see how they rotate guys in and out.  Samuel looked like our best receiver in training camp and preseason, so there is no reason to think he won't get plenty of snaps.  Keep a look-out for who loses snaps in response between Smith (our usual #2), Moore, and Wright.

Giants have underwhelmed this season, but it should still be a close game.  Newton's legs will likely be the difference maker though.  Giants have struggled slowing mobile QBs down.  That's a problem when you gotta play Newton.

With the Falcons at 1-3 and headed into a game with the Steelers, a 3-1 start would be tremendous and give us some breathing room for a tough schedule ahead.  Plus to go 3-1 with TD guaranteed to return and Olsen potentially back next week too... this team could be heating up.

Inactives: DE Marquis Haynes, CB Corn Elder, LB Jared Norris, RB Cameron Artis-Payne, DE Bryan Cox Jr., G Brendan Mahon, LB Jared Norris, TE Greg Olsen

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I haven't been a big fan of some of these calls on 3rd and 1 or 2.  I understand you can't do it every time, but at least one of those plays should have been a Cam run.  Running McCaffrey up the gut against Snacks when the Giants are loading up against the run probably isn't going to go in our favor.

Otherwise a good start to the game.  Beckham's TD to Barkley is just one of those flukes you gotta live with.

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Cam Newton has been terrible today.  Poor reads and inconsistent accuracy.  He missed McCaffrey underneath earlier and forced an unnecessary throw which was picked.

Play-calling hasn't been much better, but this is on Newton right now.  The offensive line is giving him time and guys have been open.

EDIT - Nvm, that INT was more on Thomas.  Seemed to run the wrong route and Cam threw it where he was supposed to have been.  Still not a good game by Cam, but that INT isn't on him.

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Bummer game. Cam played like crap in the second half, defense was horrible in second half as well, so many flags that shouldn't have been thrown and flags that should have been thrown... I couldn't even celebrate the CMC TD because of that stupid unsportsmanlike flag that had just happened. Was also very confused by what happened with that CMC run on 3rd and 1. First, terrible playcall. Second, it didn't look like he got it and the sticks weren't brought out... I thought Cam had spiked it on 4th and 1 and I was about to flip out. I just had no idea what was going on. I thought the refs made a mistake and we had lost. And then I'm seeing Gano line up on the midfield logo thinking "well I guess the game isn't over or whatever, but ain't no way this dude makes a 60+ yarder" but then he made it and I allowed myself to celebrate because holy expletiving expletive, that was incredible. Would have been good from another yard or two back.

Also did anyone think Cam was sort of sidearming his passes a bit? Odd. Wonder if something is up with him.

Hope we can bounce back against the Slurs next week. Defense really needs to stop being so sloppy. Maybe TD coming back will help with that.

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a wins a win but we did everything we could to give that game away. bad to's, poor execution, poor play calling (esp that run up the gut with like 30 secs to go), some bad throws, D had some lapses. took literally a record FG to get the win. getting olsen and td back will def be a boost to our whole team.

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