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Official We Need Help at WR Thread

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Our needs consist of: WR, TE, C, DL, OLB, CB 😑

This offseason I hope we can find a veteran #1 WR. That pushes everyone down the depth chart and would help out so much.

Delanie Walker may not be the same and we need someone who can replace him if needed. I would say we draft one in the first 3 rounds.

Interior oline does not look good. I say getting a really good center helps out an oline almost as much as the tackle. Spain may be gone too so we can upgrade there. Draft a G/C and sign one on FA.

Casey needs another player on the dline. Someone who can get to the QB is a must on the line. Casey can't be the only one.

OLB will be a huge need yet again. I dont think Orakpo or Morgan will be resigned so we will need someone across from Landry. There should be some in FA this year. Dee Ford would be a great get if Chiefs dont re-sign him.

CB. Malcolm Butler..... Malcolm Butler. 

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