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Week 6 Steelers @ Bengals


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yea.. this game always worries me no matter what

of course they dismantle Atlanta last week.. knew that was coming

The Bengals can't have the first half sleepwalk like last week or they won't have a chance

Everyone needs to step up their game and keep their heads right.. don't let the stealers hit and push you late and then be the one called for the retaliation. 

Need Andy to continue playing the way he has this year.

Defense needs to have a good game

Can't wait... Happy it's in PBS


Bengals- 31

Stealers- 24


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I think this will be a "tale of 2 halfs" type game for the offense.  Either we come out firing in the first half and then don't do anything in the second.  Or we can't get anything going in the first half, and then make some good adjustments to put up points in the 2nd half.

In both scenarios, I think it'll be a close game.  24-17 Steelers is what I have at the moment...

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2 hours ago, THE DUKE said:

I'm glad Burfict is back for this game.  He's always in the Steelers heads.

If the Bengals have a mental advantage anywhere in this game it's in these two areas:

1) Burfict - he's not scared of them

2) The youth of the team.  Most of these guys haven't been around long enough to feel like the Steelers are the big brother.


All that said, i have the Steelers here.  31-17.  

Prove me wrong.

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I’m going Rick Flair with all the negativity about Sunday night games. I really need to learn how to use gifs here.



If they are going to fold like a lawn chair get it over with now and hopefully learn from it than wait till the playoffs. If Marv can’t do it this year well we all know what that should mean.


Bengals 42

Stillers 27

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