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Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

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Top 10 according to Ourlads

bosa DE

oliver DT

herbert QB

Ferrell 3/4 OLB

lawrence DT

Gary DE

Wilkins DT

Williams CB

White ILB

Davis DL

8 of top 10 are front 7 defensive players and 6 are DL

1 QB and 1 CB

highest rated WR is 15 Brown 

dont look for starting QB in round 1 next year

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Never too early to look at the draft. I swear we had this discussion in another thread.

We played a bad game on Monday night, so I think this is a bad team? No. I still think we will be fighting for the NFCE division and a playoff spot in December. So, that being said, most likely those top 5 prospects aren’t going to be in our wheelhouse. It’s best to scout the players projected to go after the top 5 and through the beginning of the 2nd round as players we may be drafting in round 1.

For me, I want BPA in round 1 with it preferably being an ILB and OLB (esp if P. Smith doesn’t step up and is gone), a CB to replace Norman or a WR if Doctson doesn’t step up or Crowder is gone.

Rounds 2-4 I’d like to see whatever we don’t take in round 1. Add an OG & a QB to develop added to that mix. 

The BPA when we pick may be Marquise Brown from OU. He’s undersized/but a speedster like Hill/Djax. We could use him in multiple ways. He’s the kind of WR that Smith needs. He gets separation like Crowder & Reed but has blazing speed. He’s the antithesis of Doctson. Even if Doctson comes back and plays better the last 12 games of the year, we need to strongly consider taking Brown and use him how the Chiefs use Hill.

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I really like Will Grier!!!!! I think this guy is being overlooked!!! He is a gunslinger but I think this team needs that!!! I’m so tired of watching this team constantly checking down every week all game no matter the score!!! I know not having Guice has held this offense back as I truely believe we got the best offensive and defensive player in the draft. 

ILB would be the ideal pick. So much DL talent you can’t hate on making a rotation great.

Sadly we’re probably going WR and sadly this is a need!!!!!

OL I’d address but not early unless your staring at crazy value. 

Mice also got a lot of good notes on a lot of CB’s and Safteys throughout the draft as far as where people have them ranked I see better infield play so the value is there later

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6 hours ago, Doc Draper said:

Let’s trade our first pick for Sean McVay But wouldn’t want to ruin his career working with Danny and Bruce. A buddy was telling me Doug Williams is the GM and has total control now. giphy.gif

The insider news was that Doug brought in Peterson to work out w/o consulting dumb & dumber. Dumb & dumber weren’t happy about it, but it’s clear it was the right move.

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My draft board based on who I feel will be available to the Redskins

1.Montez Sweat

2.Hollywood Brown

3.Christian Wilkins

4.Josh Allen

5.Brian Burns


I’m going heavy on defense and really see no reason to pick a receiver unless Hollywood happens to be available. Another piece to the defensive puzzle would do wonders and if for some reason the team falls off completely Greedy Williams would then jump on this list. At the rate we’re going I just don’t think he’ll be available when we pick. 

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