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Week 6 GDT: KC @ NE

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I watched the game yesterday. I thought our pass defense looked good. We allowed a couple of big plays here and there but we held up well against Brady and co. Can't have single coverage on Gronk in the last drive of the game though. Scandrick is looking much better and Lucas seem pretty good too.

Our run defense was atrocious. We got bullied by NE OL. How many times did I see them pushing us 5 yds after the LoS. Michel had a big game and made like 1 defender miss. Everything else was just running through open holes. Front 6 is terrible save for Dee Ford. 

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Here's a thought that nags me since Sunday:

On the final Chiefs'play they called the deep one on Tyreek - knowing that if it succeeds it most likely will go for six.
Well, they needed a TD to tie the game ... but ...

Calling this play they must have been aware they might be giving the ball back to Brady with 3+ mins on the clock, the Pats having all their timeouts plus the two minute warning, while the Chiefs themselves only had one timeout left.

So they put the burden upon a defense that allowed the Pats to score on all but one drive (the fumble recovered by Bailey) while the Pats have all the time in the world and can manipulate the clock needing just 40 to 45 yards of offense to get into FG range. And all that while the own team would be unable to stop the clock.


I just wonder whether calling that deep ball was a huge tactical mistake.


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1 hour ago, Habbsawce said:

Probably should have busted out Fat Dracula. He would have gotten that FG at the end of the game blocked fo sho.

Have we blocked a field goal since Toub has been here?

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Mahomes is ridiculous. I don't get Watson vibes off of him either in terms of 'yeah a collapse is coming.' Dude is just really good.

Grats on your franchise QB. You guys are my division rival, but I always respected the hell out of your organization.

You scored so fast though on your last touchdown, I was like "damn, Brady is going to bleed this clock out." That has to be one of the toughest outcomes in situational football.

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