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Y2's Roster Power Rankings Entering Preseason Game Two


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One week of preseason is in the bags and it was not great for the first string teams (in limited action). Backups (at spots) performed better. Here's the new list. The numbers in parentheses were the player's ranking in the original list and last week respectively. 

Check out last week's rankings here: 


Only played a few preseason snaps, and ended up taking himself out of a play when he took an outside rush. Had a minor injury and was taken out of the game.

2) Reuben Foster, LB – (#3, #2)

Looked good in coverage on multiple plays, though he did drop an interception. Still, an impressive start for the rookie that went a bit overshadowed by Solomon Thomas’s play.

3) Joe Staley, LT – (#4, #3)

Staley remains the best starter on the offensive line and did not play long in the preseason opener.

4) NaVorro Bowman, LB – (#7, #4)

Bowman played a little bit longer than Staley and was in on at least one tackle. Nothing really stood out for Bowman in this one.

5) Solomon Thomas, DT – (#2, #7)

The first move up. He moved back up a few spots this week because he was unstoppable in the preseason game. Had great pressure multiple times and was easily the best defensive player in this regard. Was stout in run defense, and routinely blew plays up in the backfield. Even when he was taken “out” of a play during a rush, he never quit and then punished the wide receiver on the sideline after coming across the entire field. Great first game, and he won’t be 2nd string for long.  

6) Brian Hoyer, QB – (#5, #5)

Best play in Preseason game one was a bullet to Kerley that got called back due to a formation error. Otherwise, had slight accuracy issues in his few passes.

7) Pierre Garcon, WR – (#6, #6)

Was entirely unheard of in the preseason opener. Only played one series. Moves down only to move Thomas up.

8) Marquise Goodwin, WR – (#15, #8)

Goodwin had one good reception in limited work in the preseason opener.

9) Carlos Hyde, RB – (#19, #9)

We did not see Carlos Hyde for long in the preseason opener. He had a couple carries and one small reception in limited work. His offensive line once again did him no favors.

10) Kyle Juszczyk, FB – (#9, #10)

Did not really get to see much of Juszczyk in the opener. He stays put.

11) Arik Armstead, DL – (#13, #11)

Never really got a lot of pressure in the game against the Chiefs, which was disappointing given how good he has looked in practices. Still, there’s no reason to drop Armstead when the rest of the starters all played pretty poorly.

12) K’Waun Williams, CB – (#32, #15)

Williams did not play long in the opener, but he had blanket coverage on the slot receiver each time he was in. Did not notice any mistakes, and that’s enough to bump him up above some underperformers.

13) Eric Reid, SS – (#11, #16)

Similar to Williams, Reid moves up a few spots by virtue of not playing as poorly as some of the other starters. Did not seem to get a lot of work in this one.

14) Earl Mitchell, NT – (#16, #12)

Got bowled right over on the goal line TD. Seemed to be handled well by Chiefs offensive linemen all game actually. Need to bump him down slightly, but luckily nobody overtook him by playing lights out.

15) Elvis Dumervil, DL/LB – (#14, #13)

Dumervil loses a couple spots as he was entirely absent in his few pass rushes and got no pressure at all.  

16) Daniel Kilgore, C/G – (#26, #17)

Kilgore climbs a spot by being the least awful interior lineman of the starters. Did not get to pay much attention to him, as he was not in the game long.

17) George Kittle, TE – (#10, #18)
18) Jimmie Ward, FS – (#12, #19)

Two guys out with injuries climb up a spot this week to showcase my displeasure with one of our starters.

19) Ahmad Brooks, LB – (#21, #21)

In the first nickel situation, Brooks lined up as a pass-rusher opposite Dumervil, so as of now, he remains in the pass-rushing role. Did a few of the usual things Ahmad Brooks does very well. On a wide receiver screen, he did a good job containing it for a short gain.

20) Rashard Robinson, CB – (#8, #14)

Had him tumble last week due to practice notes, and anybody who watched preseason week one knew he’d have to tumble again. He allowed two huge receptions (one called back due to offensive pass interference) without putting up much fight in press coverage. He also allowed another reception on a big out play where the Chiefs were in second and long and missed an easy tackle that could have held the Chiefs to a field goal on their first drive. The INT certainly helped him make up for it and he did have a solid run tackle on his second drive, but he was bad in his first preseason game (nothing overly alarming for the regular season yet, I do not believe).

21) Robbie Gould, K – (#22, #22)

Gould did have a 51-yard kick blocked, but that was hardly his fault (the backup interior line was awful). Otherwise, he was perfect on his kicks.

22) Dontae Johnson, CB – (#33, #24)

Johnson gets a slight bump up the rankings because he did plenty to hold onto the #2 CB job simply by not playing.

23) Zane Beadles, OL – (#51, #25)

Beadles was simply the least noticeable poor interior lineman on the first group.  

24) Trent Brown, RT – (#20, #20)

Brown tumbles a few as he had just a terrible game in run blocking. He was often on his face while his guy was stuffing the running back. He’s fine in pass blocking, and that’s well and all, but he is a major liability in run blocking at the moment. And in year 3, it’s looking likely that this is all he’ll end up becoming.

25) Brandon Fusco, G – (#25, #23)

Held up in pass blocking. Was awful in run blocking. Not sure if he was the most noticeably poor starter on the offensive line, but…I just feel like Brown was solid pass blocking, and Fusco was less solid.

26) Joshua Garnett, G – (#30, #30)

Garnett showed his value to the team by not playing, because the rest of the interior offensive line was plenty bad. He certainly could not be much worse.

27) Matt Breida, RB – (#56, #33)

His YPC won’t look impressive because of how many short yardage carries he was given, but he was solid in that regard and explosive as a runner in general. Also picked up a blitzing linebacker to save Barkley down at the goal line, and showing up in blocking is how to get playing time as a youngster. Good vision and a nose for the first down markers. Great job as an outside receiver, too. A lot of positives from his first preseason game. Did have the one fumble, but luckily it was not lost.

28) Joe Williams, RB – (#24, #36)

Williams seemed to be the strongest runner of the first or second team and ripped off some big runs to start his day. He also showed willingness as a blocker on pass situations, which is good to see. Both rookies (including Breida) were solid in that regard.  Did a great job getting skinny and squeezing through tiny holes. Still, Breida was ahead of him on the depth chart and I don’t see a reason to switch just yet. Williams did almost fumble a pitch, though he made up for it.

29) Tim Hightower, RB – (#44)

Unlike other injured players who looked better simply by not playing, Hightower has to drop a few spots only because of how well Williams and Breida looked in this game. If we only decide to keep 3 RBs, Hightower still seems like the toughest guy of the top four to keep.

30) Bradley Pinion, P – (#28, #28)

Pinion didn’t do anything wrong to move down, and we will still have to punt a lot. He did have one punt blocked, but that was thanks to a terrible blocking attempt by Kapri Bibbs.

31) Trent Taylor, WR – (#35, #31)

Given how much he stood out in training camp reports, it was perhaps just a little quiet of a preseason game one for him. He did have a few receptions, including a big one to give us a taste of what he has to offer. Able to show his shiftiness on a punt return late in the 3rd.

32) Aldrick Robinson, WR – (#46, #32)

Wanted to give Robinson a small boost here, but he’s still down far on the depth chart. Nothing to get carried away about in the preseason, but on his long reception, he brilliantly read the zone and cut to the right spot, and then showed excellent field awareness when he cut back outside. It was easy to tell he knew where all the defenders were and it created a giant gain. Made an excellent TD reception that was called back thanks to an offensive pass interference call on Burbridge.

33) Jeremy Kerley, WR – (#23, #35)

Kerley did get to line up as the first string slot receiver and had a great reception that was called back due to an unrelated penalty. However, I don’t know if the team is going to go with multiple slot-only players, and that seems to be what Kerley/Taylor are at the moment. In that battle, Taylor is going to win. So hard to judge the wide receivers right now, because Special Teams are also going to factor in. Kerley did line up as the first punt returner, so it seems he’s still around in contention. Grouping the receivers together, and putting them in the order of how I feel their playing time will shape in 2017.

34) Aaron Lynch, LB – (#42, #38)

Lynch or Solomon Thomas was the best performer in the first week of the preseason on defense, so I wanted to bump Lynch much higher. However, I have to keep in mind that he did this last year against the backups as well, and I still don’t know if he’s going to see more of a pass-rushing role with the starting unit yet. I find it hard to jump him over the receivers I have ahead of him who are likely to play a major role and also played really well, so he gets another modest jump.

35) Tank Carradine, DL – (#47, #26)

Carradine is the biggest fall among the starters. Did okay on most run downs, though he did not disengage on the early touchdown run, and that run came almost right at him. Did nothing notable on passing downs. Carradine’s fall is mostly because of Solomon Thomas’s play in the first preseason game. It is going to be really hard not to play him, and Carradine’s high ranking last time came because he was a starter. He still will clearly have a role on this team, so he’s down to this spot.

36) Lorenzo Jerome, DB – (#58, #37)

Jerome had a solid first preseason game. He was mostly involved making tackles rather than making big coverage plays, as nothing really came to the area in which he was most responsible. Because he seemingly overtook the backup FS job from Tartt, I made sure to keep him one spot above Tartt.

37) Jaquiski Tartt, S – (#29, #29)

Similar to Hightower, Tartt’s fall is due to a guy who did play performing well while out there. Tartt was initially the main backup to both safety spots, but it appears that Lorenzo Jerome will now hold the backup spot at FS. Because of that, Tartt is now slightly less likely to play due to injury, and I’ve dropped him.

38) Chris Jones, DL – (#48, #40)

He came in when Buckner went down, so he appears to be Buckner’s number one backup and a solid roster bet at this point. He held his own with the Chiefs starting offensive line in the game, and actually looked more impressive in run defense than Mitchell from my point of view. Also notable – phenomenal motor. When other guys were stymied, they just held their ground. Jones would spin, swerve, dip, whatever he could at all moments.

39) Kyle Nelson, LS – (#41, #41)

Going to keep right on not overthinking this one. Handled all of the long snap duties, and will make the roster.

40) Ray-Ray Armstrong, LB – (#50, #39)

Was in on the kick coverage team to start the game. Had poor coverage on the almost forced fumble by Jerome early in the game. Otherwise, had no notable plays that stood out.

41) Ahkello Witherspoon, CB (#18, NR)

Witherspoon wasn’t ranked last week because I’m stupid and somehow deleted him and then thought there was an open spot on the roster. There wasn’t. Witherspoon was man #90 but missed the rankings. This means I had 54 people on the opening roster, and now had to figure out who I was cutting this time around. In any case, Witherspoon seems out of the outside CB position, but he showed willingness as a tackle in his first game and was not destroyed as easily as Reaser was. That should give him an opportunity to compete with Reaser for that 4th CB spot, one that will be active on game days. He ranks this low, because he does not appear to be headed for a large role in year number one, but he’s also going to safely make the squad.

42) Garry Gilliam, T – (#34, #43)

Wondering if we should reopen the RT competition (should it have been closed). Gilliam was far better at run blocking, albeit against the second team defense. Did almost get beat around the edge in pass protection once, but otherwise had a solidly quiet night. Definitely looked better than Brown, though again – he was playing against backups.

43) DJ Jones, DL – (#49, #34)

Held his own in run defense, but was mostly unheard of as little came his way. The only recognizable play he had was on the fumble recovery. Nothing bad. Nothing wonderful. Still a solid bet for the squad.

44) Matt Barkley, QB – (#36, #44)
45) CJ Beathard, QB – (#53, #45)

Not changing the ranking of these two. Both had solid performances with a couple of poor throws mixed in, but neither seemed to do anything to win the job outright, and Barkley still takes the lead. I feel like they probably played better than some of the guys ranked ahead of them, but at the same time – the backup QBs will not play unless Hoyer gets injured.

46) Keith Reaser, CB – (#31, #42)

So weak in coverage in preseason week one. And I don’t just mean weak as in bad, there were times where he gave up 8-9 yard out patterns without even remotely contesting it. I felt bad about his ranking last week. Do not feel bad this week. If we had someone better, I do not believe Reaser would make the roster. Our DB crew is just that weak. Late in the first half, got beat DEEP on a pass that was brought back due to a hold. If I could drop him further, I would.

47) Logan Paulsen, TE – (#37, #47)

Showed up well in run blocking, but was otherwise unheard of.

48) Tim Barnes, C – (#64, #52)

Not bad as an interior blocker with the second team line. On a 3rd and short run, his block was all that allowed Breida enough room to get a first, because Price and Flynn were terrible. Also opened up a big hole on a draw play where Breida nearly scored a TD. Easily the best interior blocker of the original 2nd team line before Magnuson came in, and I moved him up because I now feel he’s a much safer bet than before. Did make a questionable decision playing guard with the third team line when he decided to help double-team the edge rusher Gilliam had in an obvious 5-man rush where one guy came in free up the middle.

49) Aaron Burbridge, WR – (#57, #53)

Time to move Burbridge up these rankings a little bit as his roster spot looks more and more safe. I knew his role as a special teams gunner would have him in competition, and he was a starter on special teams in that role. But on top of that, he was the special teams captain and when Garcon was removed from the game after the first drive, Burbridge was the 4th WR called into the game (before Aldrick Robinson and Trent Taylor). Keep in mind, even if we only keep 5 WRs, one is likely to be inactive on game days. If Burbridge makes the team in that scenario because of special teams, he won’t be the guy who is inactive. That would be Aldrick (my guess as the 5th WR over Kerley in this scenario). So he’ll need to come in if Garcon goes down. Did have an offensive pass interference that negated a TD.

50) Dekoda Watson, LB – (#40, #48)

Watson was unsurprisingly on the field for the opening kick coverage team and was routinely one of the first guys down the field on that team. Was a better edge rusher than Harold in this game, which was not a difficult thing to do. Hard to bump him up any higher when this is the spot where I start getting really uncertain about who will make the team.

51) Brock Coyle, LB – (#63, #49)

Still finding it hard to figure out how he fits in with the roster thanks to the injury. For now, he earns a spot on the 53.

52) Will Redmond, CB – (#52, #50)

Allowed a couple of short catches, but they were always in front of the first down marker. I like that. Did not like a poor tackle attempt on a wide receiver on a 3rd and 16 (he and Will Davis should have easily brought the receiver down). He seemed to play very well other than those short catches and missed tackle and I hope he sticks around. It is still a question mark with where he is on the roster.  

53) Vance McDonald, TE – (#45, #56)

McDonald once again makes the 53-man roster in this prediction, though with the shakiest hold on a spot. When it came down to it, he was the first tight end in the game (even over Paulsen on run downs), and the guy I had over him previously (Hikutini) did not enter the game until the 4th quarter and was only in on one passing down (that I saw). Because of that, I have to figure that McDonald is still the favorite to be the backup to Kittle. But I’m not at all confident that I am correct.  

54) Vinnie Sunseri, S – (#54, #54)

Sunseri was a Special Teams starter Week 1, which is why he consistently ranks so high here. However, there are only so many special teams spots. He was on the kickoff coverage team for the opening kickoff, and perhaps more importantly, he was Pinion’s punt protector on the first punt coverage unit, and one of the first guys down the field (routinely). He has a better shot than people are giving him credit for. Decent in coverage as the in-the-box safety as well. He is the guy I have not making the roster that I think has the best actual chance of those remaining of making the roster.

55) Eli Harold, LB – (#39, #47)

Why did Harold drop out of the rankings? He was absent on Special Teams, where Dekoda Watson stood out. While he was solid in maintaining his ground in run support, he was awful as a pass-rusher. In his 3rd year, that’s never going to be something he is good at. Watson/Coyle can backup at SAM, and even Lynch could certainly play there in a pinch. Harold will likely catch on with another team, but he’s nothing other than serviceable. The other reason he dropped out was I forgot Witherspoon last time and needed to cut someone that “made” the 53-man roster last time. After not being able to get around the 3rd string Chiefs line, he made this call an easy one.

56) Cole Hikutini, TE – (#55, #51), Practice Squad Player #1

Hikutini falls out of a roster spot due to not coming in until the 4th quarter and playing mainly on running downs. This leads me to believe that he’s not going to make the roster unless we’re able to move McDonald. If McDonald doesn’t make the team for some reason (still very possible), I see no one other than Hikutini making the roster. We’ll try and keep him on the practice squad for sure.

57) Kendrick Bourne, WR – (#88, #63), Practice Squad Player #2

Had a drop early on, but it didn’t matter as he would not have scored on a 3rd and goal. Followed that up with another drop on his next target, so he did not jump out to a great start. From there he made up for it with a bunch of good receptions that helped move the chains on a few occasions. Was the most productive receiver of the first game overall and had a nice open field move on his touchdown. His best play was on the 2-point conversion as he reached over and in front of the defender to rip away the ball for the reception. Has a great chance at sticking around in some form, though likely on the practice squad for year one.

58) Quinton Dial, NT – (#38, #57)

Held his own on a few run downs, but it’s easy to see why the team does not feel he’s a fit. He looked out of place much of the time, and I’m less convinced than last week that he’ll make the team. Because he is a decent player, he may stick around year one (especially if there is an injury), but otherwise, I see the team moving on.  

59) Raheem Mostert, RB – (#78, #78), Practice Squad Player #3

Time to give Mostert a boost. I still don’t see how he can make the roster given who is in front of him, but he was the opening kick returner, and he was on the opening kick coverage team as well. In fact – he actually did pretty well in kick coverage, routinely as one of the first guys down the field and had one huge tackle in punt coverage. This might be too high, as the team almost certainly won’t keep five running backs. But…it’s too hard to ignore some of the tell-tale signs. In any case, his practice squad eligibility makes it more certain that he’ll stick around in some form.

60) Pita Taumoepenu, LB – (#43, #55), Practice Squad Player #4

It's looking less and less likely that Pita has any chance of winning a 53-man spot in year one, but he'll certainly be sticking around on the practice squad. Did not make much of an impact in preseason game one, but because of the lack of pass-rushing depth, one injury could make him more likely to reach the 53-man roster than some of the next players.

61) Darrell Williams, Jr., OL – (#85, #60), Practice Squad Player #5

Played at left tackle with the third offensive line. Looked very solid as a run blocker, which was mostly all he was asked to do late in the game. Would love to see him overtake Theus on the second line, as there was not much that Theus did that was worthwhile. He only drops a spot because I felt Mostert and Bourne were more likely to have a shot at making the roster than Williams, who will not overtake Gilliam.

62) Erik Magnuson, OL – (#84, #85), Practice Squad Player #6

Tied for the biggest jump up the rankings. If you re-watch the game, you can easily see what PFF saw in Magnuson. He was a rock. Was not initially part of the 2nd team offensive line, but eventually entered after many Norman Price fails (Barnes shifted to Guard initially before Price took over again). Did not notice a single bad play, and routinely held his own in both run and pass blocking.

63) Austin Calitro, LB – (Unranked, #86), Practice Squad Player #7

Kept Calitro one spot behind Magnuson, and so he’s tied for the biggest jump up the rankings. Surprisingly very active in this game. Looked very good at getting to the ball. Was beat once in coverage, but he was on his man the entire time. Just looked very solid overall, including on his forced fumble. Even around the ball on kickoff coverage. That will look good for him moving forward.

64) Adrian Colbert, CB – (#59, #59), Practice Squad Player #8

Missed the first game due to injury, but still seems a safe bet for the practice squad. Without an injury of some sort, it’s hard to see him on the main roster.  

65) Noble Nwachukwu, DL – (#72, #73), Practice Squad Player #9

Heard nothing about him throughout camp, but in his first game, he very much looked like the guy I watched weekly at West Virginia. Very stout run defender. Had to be double-teamed near the end of the game. Had great pressure on a pass rush in the third quarter and almost sacked Mahomes. He’s the only real eligible defensive lineman (other than Blair) for the practice squad, so he sneaks up a few spots.

66) Victor Bolden, Jr., WR – (#70, #62)

Badly wanted to take the opening kickoff of the second half out of the end zone, but was thankfully stopped. Nearly broke a big return on the next return, but a shoestring tackle stopped him just over the 25. Was in on a lot of routes, but did not make any memorable plays. Because of Bourne and Calitro overshadowing him in this game, he misses out on our practice squad. I could only justify keeping two players in one position group (outside of offensive line, which will keep two since only 8 players will make the 53-man squad and the team needs 5 offensive linemen for the second squad), and Calitro’s game leaves me betting on two linebackers over two receivers (especially with Hikutini already on the squad as a receiving tight end). The 10th spot will go to a quarterback.

67) DeAndre Smelter, WR – (#67, #61)

Almost made an incredibly acrobatic catch on a way too high Barkley throw…but didn’t. Other than that, he was on kickoff coverage teams (including opening kickoff) but did not stand out in any meaningful way, which is troublesome for his chances of making the squad.

68) Donavin Newsom, LB – (#86, #64)

As of writing this, it is only rumored that Newsom will land on injured reserve as it has not officially happened. I predicted this as the likely scenario last week, so it seems like just a matter of time with him still experiencing concussion symptoms. Similar to James (who I dropped out of the rankings as officially he has been placed on IR), this is a best-case scenario in year one for Newsom.

69) Don Jones, S – (#79, #79)

Jones was in on the opening kickoff coverage team, which was not a big surprise as it was one of the places he was expected to be when he came here. Really did not have many notable plays, though he did make a good solid one-on-one tackle on a third down in the 4th quarter.  Gave him a boost up the rankings thanks to the not so memorable play of those behind him.

70) Garrett Celek, TE – (#71, #80)

Had a nice reception in the 2-minute drill to close the first half, and once again appeared to do more than Vance McDonald. However, McDonald’s the more likely of the two to stick (thanks mainly to his contract), as there would be no reason to keep Celek around.

71) Jayson DiManche, LB – (Unranked, #87)

Interestingly, was in on the opening kickoff coverage team and on most Special Teams units throughout the game. Not sure if he was just being tried out there, but it is interesting given how late of a pickup he was. He was pretty decent in coverage on those units as well, so we’ll give him a boost up the rankings.

72) Andrew Lauderdale, OL – (#82, #83)

Entered at right tackle with the third team line. Looked good as a run blocker, which was basically all the third team line was asked to do. If anything happens to Williams or Magnuson in the next few weeks, he would be my choice to replace their spot on the practice squad.

73) Asa Jackson, CB – (Unranked, #66)

Was on kickoff coverage units in the second half, and did a great job of getting down the field and near the ball carrier on a few occasions. Got in at corner in the 4th quarter, but did not stand out. Jackson falls more because the players ahead of him look more likely to stick around (in some form) longer. Jackson needs to make the 53-man squad.

74) Sean Porter, LB – (Unranked, #67)

Porter looked decent in run coverage and almost made up for a Will Davis mistake in coverage. It will be interesting to see if he starts getting reps over Harold, as I could see it being a relative possibility. Similar to Jackson, Porter has to make the 53-man squad to stick around.

75) Ronald Blair, DL – (#65, #68)

Outside of the injury, I had to really concentrate to find Blair. He had decent pressure from time to time and did not stand out noticeably for any bad plays, but he’s just not at the level of other guys who will make the roster, and it just looks less and less likely that he sticks around. He does have practice squad eligibility, and I would easily choose him over Nwachukwu. The problem is, I would expect him to get claimed off waivers at final cuts. Because of that, I think he has to make the 53-man squad to stick around.

76) DeAndre Carter, WR – (#69, #71)

Was one of the earliest wide receivers of those not likely in competition for a roster spot to come in the game. He had a couple very short catches on poor throws by the QBs. His best play may have been stopping Bolden Jr. from running a kickoff out of the end zone. His next best play was breaking up a sure INT thrown by Beathard. Maybe he should play defense (kidding). He drops more due to the play of those in front of him, especially at the WR spot.

77) Prince Charles Iworah, CB – (#77, #77)

Similar to Jackson, he got in on kickoff coverage in the second half and was also in at corner in the 4th quarter. Seemed to have decent coverage in one pass thrown his way. He did nothing to lose this spot in the rankings, and while he does have practice squad eligibility, it is hard to imagine him making it over Colbert.

78) Will Davis, CB – (#62, #70)

Made a pretty poor attempt at tackling a Chiefs WR on a screen that rivaled the poor attempt made earlier by Robinson.  Left his man to unnecessarily chase after Mahomes, and Mahomes threw a TD to the now wide-open receiver. Made another pathetic tackle attempt on a 3rd and 16 play that allowed his guy to get a few extra yards before Solomon Thomas murdered him.

79) John Theus, T – (#73, #74)

One of the better run blockers with the second team. Generally held his own in that regard. He and Flynn could not make up their mind on who to block when Beathard was sacked by Rush. Then got beat easily for another sack on Beathard. I liked him last year, but he has been very poor. Does still have practice squad eligibility, but there is no reason to go that route with Theus.

80) J. P. Flynn, OL – (#81, #82)

Got pushed around in run blocking, which is never a good thing. He and Theus could not make up their mind on who to block on Rush’s sack of Beathard.

81) Louis Murphy, WR – (Unranked, #65)

This might be an overreaction, but Murphy had no snaps in the first week of the preseason. He was a late pickup, but others picked up more recently than he was got into the game. For now, I’m taking it as a sign that it was a cursory kick of the tires more than a pickup designed to have a shot at the 53-man squad (as I initially believed.

82) Kapri Bibbs, RB – (#61, #69)

Bibbs is going to have to make his mark on Special Teams in order to win a roster spot…so…it was probably not a good thing that the only thing he did in the game was allow someone to run him over in punt protection, block the punt, and then comically dive on the guy to try and prevent him from going after the ball rather than going after the ball himself. Did have a good tackle to stop the returner short of the 20 on kick coverage, but have to put him behind Mostert now.  Don’t see him having a chance at making the team any longer, and not sure why we thought he was worth the swap of picks (even if we did end up with Taylor in the trade as well).

83) Tim Patrick, WR – (Unranked, #72)

Unlike Murphy, Patrick did see two snaps on offense. He is less likely to stick around, however, because he does not have the benefit of having been an NFL veteran already and is way behind the young receivers at this point.

84) Nick Mullens, QB – (#75, #76), Practice Squad Player #10

Mullens is only the practice squad QB by default. There are no other options. He does not seem to be anything more than a body and got no snaps in the first preseason game, which is not necessarily a good sign. Granted – Beathard needed these snaps, but if Mullens was going to be looked at as a legitimate practice squad player, he likely would have gotten in the game for the last drive of running plays. We’ll see if he plays in the 4th preseason game.

85) Andrew Gardner, G – (Unranked, Unranked)

Gardner was just picked up, and it’s hard to say he’ll have much of a chance at sticking around coming in mid-preseason. However, I will rank him immediately above one offensive lineman.

86) Leger Douzable, DL – (Unranked, Unranked)

Douzable, like Gardner, was just picked up and it is hard to consider him as much more than a camp body, especially at DL where the guys already on the roster are younger and have played very well.

87) Blake Bell, TE – (#80, #81)

A haiku:

Played LOTS on offense.
Did nothing whatsoever.
It's vintage Blake Bell.

88) Norman Price, OL – (#74, #75)

Immediately got in and fell to his rear in his first attempt at run blocking. Was pretty pathetic in that regard multiple times. Did recover a Breida fumble, but his poor blocking helped cause that fumble in the first place. Every time a run was stopped at the line, Price seemed to be the guy at fault. Literally pushed his guy into Barkley for a sack directly up the middle. He then almost got beat on the very next play. He deserves to be behind the guys just picked up off the streets.

89) Tyler McCloskey, FB (#89, #88)

Had a good reception early on. Caught the touchdown on the very same play later. Did not really seem like a good lead blocker. Just a camp body as I see it. He moved up last week due to my stupidity, but he’s always been second to last.

90) Nick Rose, K (#90, #89)

Rose was absolutely perfect, and he’s still got no shot.



Previously Ranked:

NR) Chanceller James, S – (#76, #58)

Great multiple times in run support, and often had good coverage as a safety. Was the main guy in coverage on a pass Mahomes sailed out of the endzone (though likely had to in order to avoid throwing an INT to James). Was called for an iffy pass interference in the third near the goal line on the next play. Did jump offsides later on an attempted blitz. He was in on the final punt return, so not sure when the injury occurred.

84) Richard Levy, OL – (#83, #84)

I never noticed the snap he got and he was released so it didn’t matter.

NR) Malcolm Smith, LB – (#17)

Tough break for Smith. By all accounts, he was having a stellar camp before the injury ended his season before it even began.

NR) Jeremy Zuttah, C/G – (#27)

Tough break for Zuttah. By all accounts, he was having a lazy camp in which he seemed disinterested in competing at guard before the release ended his season (with us) before it even began.

NR) Jimmie Gilbert, LB – (#60)

I thought he was a shoe-in for the practice squad, but his injury means he’ll be sticking around anyway.

NR) Bruce Ellington, WR – (#66)

Ellington was released, claimed by the Jets, and to no one’s surprise, did not pass a physical. Apparently did with the Texans, and is now playing there. 

NR) BJ Johnson III, WR – (#68)

An injury has ended Johnson’s season early, but he’ll be able to be back with the team next year.

NR) Zach Franklin, CB – (#87)

Another player waived/injured and back with the team next year.


There you have it. Let me know your differences!

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32 minutes ago, Fureys49ers said:

As always, solid read. Didn't watch Barnes too much but good to hear he looked decent. I immediately scrolled to the bottom though to make sure Price was positioned correctly haha.


7 minutes ago, big9erfan said:

Beadles isn't great, but this is really harsh!


@Fureys49ers - Yeah, there was really no other place for Price. I'd consider placing him lower, but he's not a backup K or FB that will definitely not be making the roster. 

@big9erfan - Oh...you caught that...haha

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