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Would You Have Traded a WR for Darby?


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Wasn't sure where to toss this question so thought I'd make it its own thread. 

Is there a WR on the roster you'd have traded to Buffalo to acquire Ronald Darby? He had a spectacular rookie year then fell off the planet last season. As it stands, our WR corps looks like (in no order):


Obviously Davis and Taylor are no ways since they were just drafted, but what about Matthews or Decker? I'm not saying I'd have traded either of those guys, but I'm just trying to stir up a discussion on how highly we value all of them and what price you'd be willing to send back for him. The extra 3rd the Eagles tossed in likely makes it a no for me.

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12 hours ago, ttitansfan4life said:

Nope. Maybe Sharpe and a pick but that wouldn't get it done.

With the current version of Darby, I'd probably be willing to go Sharpe and a 4th with incentives to reach a 2nd.

If I knew we were getting shutdown Darby from his rookie season and he'd stay that way, I'd lean Matthews and a third, most likely.

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I'm assuming Sharpe wouldn't do it. And, given our history at receiver, I wouldn't consider dealing any of the top three. If you trade Matthews and then Decker or Davis goes down, you're right back to Harry Douglas playing a lot of snaps.

Darby was rough last year. I get why the Eagles took the shot on him, but I'm not willing to sacrifice a receiving option for Mariota in the hopes that he bounces back.

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Nope. I have too much faith in Sims.

Especially if it meant getting rid of Matthews. If this offense lives up to its potential, it can be genuinely explosive. And Matthews will play a large part in that. The potential to reach that offensive height greatly outweighs what Darby could potentially bring to our secondary in my opinion. 

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