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Where will the Raiders play in 2019?


Where will the Raiders play?   

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  1. 1. Where will the Raiders play?

    • San Diego (Qualcomm)
    • Oakland (O. co Coliseum)
    • Santa Clara (Levis Stadium)
    • Berkeley (Memorial Stadium)
    • Los Angeles (The Coliseum)
    • Stanford (Stanford Stadium)
    • Las Vegas (UNLV Stadium)

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So basically the City of Oakland is sueing Mark Davis for leaving the city (extremely lame and hope they lose) and Mark Davis said he will not play in Oakland in 2019 if the lawsuit happens, and it is already filed. The Raiders lease is up at the end of this season with 2019 completely up in the air. I listed their seven options in the poll.

Personally, I think we will play at Qualcomm in San Diego next season and you will get the Limited Edition San Diego Raiders. They have a huge fanbase in SoCal and i’m sure tickets would sell out very quickly. 

L.A. Coliseum would be a no brainer but the Rams currently play there. Could probably make it work but to difficult for just one year. 

Levi Stadium is an option but I don’t think Mark can afford the rent, sharing with the Niners would be kind of embarrassing, and I’ve read the Niners don’t want this anyways. 

Stanford just isn’t a NFL Stadium with little parking. 

Cal Bears Stadium in Berkeley I think is the 2nd likely option behind San Diego. However, it’s still not quite an NFL Stadium and the Artificial Turf I don’t think the Raiders are gonna wanna play on. 

UNLv Stadium the Locker Rooms are tiny like HS Football and the Stadium would also need to be renovated to be used. 

Personally I say 50% chance Raiders are in San Diego next year, 25% chance they are 15 minutes away from Oakland in Berkeley,  15% chance they are in Oakland, 5% chance they share with the 49ers, and 5% chance they are in Las Vegas. 

I’d be shocked if they share a stadium with the Niners. You never know though. 

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I would have them barnstorm the whole year for the 8/10 'home' games.

  • LA (pre season)
  • San Diego (pre season)
  • Santa Clara
  • San Diego
  • LA
  • Mexico City
  • London
  • Toronto
  • Reno
  • UNLV

That still gives them 5 games in front of a home crowd.

Host any playoff games (yeah, right) at UNLV.


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