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Adopt a Saint Draft draft thread! Mid Iowa OTC


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Welcome to the first ever NEW FORUM Adopt a Saint!

In the past we've had restrictions like you have to draft one vet and one rookie, or one offensive and one defensive players. That won't be the case this year.

You can adopt any player with each of your two picks, and this year you can chose to adopt any member of the coaching staff or FO executives, if any of you want to play like that.


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Draft Order

Round 1:

  1. @Mid Iowa - Drew Brees
  2. @navysaintsfan - Michael Thomas
  3. @saintsfan - Vonn Bell
  4. @Raves - Marshon Lattimore
  5. @whodatworm23 - Cam Jordan
  6. @BossierWhoDat - Willie Snead
  7. @Breesus mode - Delvin Breaux
  8. @Spartica4Real - Alvin Kamara

Round 2:

  1. @Spartica4Real - Kenny Vaccaro
  2. @Breesus mode - Adrian Peterson
  3. @BossierWhoDat - AJ Klein
  4. @whodatworm23 - Sheldon Rankins
  5. @Raves - Alex Anzalone
  6. @saintsfan - Brandon Coleman
  7. @navysaintsfan - Manti T'eo
  8. @Mid Iowa -Deadline Wednesday 30th - 11:59pm EST


After you make you selection, please @mention the poster that is next up next, to keep things moving quickly. Shooting them a PM also works if you'd rather do that.


Late signups allowed. Will be given last "comp pick" in each round.

If you miss a pick you can still make it at any time, but once the deadline hits the next poster is OTC and can pick before you.

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Nobody will have ever seen this coming:

With the 1st pick of the 2017 Adopt a Saint Draft, Mid Iowa selects - From Purdue, Quarterback, Drew Brees!

Yes, I know it sounds like a stupid/predictable move, but I think Drew is going to hit 4,500 yards, 70%+ completion percentage, 42 TD's and 10 or fewer INT's. Offensive player of the year and NFL MVP candidate. I was considering Michael Thomas, and may regret not taking him. Navy Saints can have him at #2.

@navysaintsfan is now on the clock!


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Well. -swirls my scotch Old Fashioned in a dubious manner- Look who fell right into my lap.

With the 2nd overall pick, NSF will select the NEXT BIG THING, Michael "@cantguardmike" Thomas. Wide Receiver from some school in Ohio. What school did he go to again? Didn't he go to where @Raves went? Bowling Green maybe? Eh, I only have time to remember good schools. Anyway, here's to a great season for Mr. Thomas!

@saintsfan is now on the clock!

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