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Adopt a Saint Draft draft thread! Mid Iowa OTC


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3 hours ago, saintsfan said:

Welp this sucks. The new forum hasn't been sending me updates. I guess I'll take Coleman and Bell....

Sorry to hear about that @saintsfan, that sucks. 

You'll need to change your notification settings. PM me if you need help setting that up.

@navysaintsfan is OTC and @Mid Iowa will finish the draft.

Then I will make my picks. :D

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So...I am going away from who I thought I would originally pick...which would have been my man-crush Kikaha. And going with another assumed starter.

We have laughed at him, as has a lot of the fans around the league. The punchlines were everywhere. But he moved past them. Maybe, a change of pace from the West Coast to the Dirty South will give him the edge he needs to become a featured MLB in the NFL. So with my 2nd pick, give me Manti Te'o!

@Mid Iowa is on the clock 

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I will go in a direction nobody has gone, and select a guy we've been monitoring for a while now...

Denis Allen, Defensive Coordinator. 

Allen will field an improved defense, and land the Saints into a much improved 22nd ranked defense, and a surprising top 5 Linebacker corps, and #3 D-Line.

@domepatrol91is on the clock!


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4 hours ago, whodatworm23 said:

Ok... Question?


Are we drafting more than 2 rounds and if so whos on the clock?

We are doing two rounds. 

If you want a 3rd guy, go for it. I was going to leave the rest as "FAs" to be signed when other guys go down with injury.

the forum software only allows from 2 lines in a signature anyways. If you're tracking the stats of these guys, 2 lines is tricky for 3 guys.

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