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Is that the light at the end of the tunnel? (O.T. Thread)

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Driving to work this morning, there was what I thought was a trash truck with it's top flashers on stopped with a logjam of cars behind it on the downslope of a hill. I was driving the opposite direction, heading uphill towards the vehicle, and as I was passing it, I realized it was a school bus before it was too late. The driver rightfully laid on his/her horn as I passed, and then I realized that the STOP sign lightbulbs were completely out as I was passing the vehicle.

I'm not going to lie, as a teacher, father, and just person in general, I still feel TERRIBLE for missing this. It was dark, I was tired and on autopilot, and thankfully the kids were boarding on the right side and not crossing the street, or the end result would have been tragic.

Just a friendly reminder to drive safe out there and pay extra attention this fall. I'm still upset with myself for missing this.

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